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Russia´s deceptive honeymoon with NATO

29. July 2002

Serguei Novikov in Assisi

Serguei Novikov is a renown historian and member of the Central Committee and the International Commission of the Russian Communist Worker´s Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists (RKRP-RPK).

The party is the strongest component of the Russian communist movement if one takes into consideration that the KPRF of Siuganov – despite rhetoric opposition has always been an important pillar of the pro-imperialist regime of Yeltsin and Putin. Right now the party, which used to gather millions of workers votes in the elections, is struggling against the newly imposed dictatorial legislation trying to hinder them from being officially registered and, thus, from running at the forthcoming Duma election. (See the draft resolution below which is due to be submitted to the Anti-imperialist Camp and for which we collect supporters.)

Simultaneously the RKRP-RPK is engaged in campaigning for the release of dozens of political prisoners in Russia, most of them communists. It calls on the international movement to support their struggle for elementary democratic rights which are being more and more restricted also in Russia under the guise of the so-called anti-terrorist war.

Serguei Novikov will elaborate on the new rapprochement between the US/NATO and Russia, the Putin´s regime geo-strategic approach towards the Caucasus, Central Asia and China after the Afghanistan war as well as on the relationship of forces within Russia itself.

As a historian he will present an overview of his studies of the Russian communist movement, the reasons for its deep fall and its perspectives.