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We are all Palestinians

31. July 2002

visa for Leila Khaled refused

“Palestine is the place where all explosive contradictions of the …‘new world order´ converge. In fact, Israel is the symbol of absolute injustice, of illegality that has been made a system, of a war of extermination that has become a habit, of racist violation of the most elementary human rights. All this is being fully supported by the US and encountered by the complete indifference of the so-called …‘international community´. As long as Palestine will not be free, the whole world will remain in slavery.” (Call for the Anti-imperialist Camp)

As every year the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people will occupy an outstanding place in the proceedings of the camp.

Friday, August 9

Film premiere (10 pm)
“Jenin”, Mohamed Bakri
Film cut from footage secretly shot immediately after the massacre of Jenin by the renown Palestinian filmmaker and actor who will be present

Theatre (9 pm)
The hole of the hyena
Street theatre on the massacre of Sabra and Shatila, by Nicola Pannelli

10.00 Plenary Session:
Intifada, the spark in the Middle East´s powder keg

Muhammad Asa´d Kanaa´nah, Secretary General of Abnaa al-Balad, main Palestine movement within the green line
Mohamed Regragui, leader of the revolutionary left of Marocco

16.00 Workshops:
1. Two peoples two states or one democratic and united Palestine
Muhammad Asa´d Kanaa´nah
Ali Nasar, Palestinian spokesman of the Anti-imperialist Camp

2. Iraq: US strategies and new war sceneries
Sharon Black Ceci, International Action Center, USA
Willi Langthaler, International Leninist Current
Cesar Taguba, Bayan, Philippines

3. Islam: Jihad as anti-imperialist struggle
Mohamed Regragui, Marocco
Zafar Alsan, Communist Workers Peasant Party, Pakistan

Leila Khaled, historic leader of the Palestinian guerrilla and senior member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), who was due to address the gathering is Assisi, has been refused visa without mentioning any reason. We protest against this anti-democratic measure which seems to be already a first application of the notorious EU´s terror list. Nevertheless, the party will find a way to participate at the Anti-imperialist Camp.

At we same time we want to inform that Secretary General of Abnaa el Balad, Muhammad Asa´d Kanaa´nah, has recuperated his passport. Last week the Zionist authorities have taken away his passport in order to impede his free movement which was answered by a protest campaign.