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We do not absolve the Turkish NATO oligarchy

31. July 2002

KADEK and DHKC in Assisi

For decades Turkey has been – beside Israel – the most important stronghold of imperialism in the Middle East. It has been conducting a bloody war against the Kurdish people whose cry for the elementary democratic right to self-determination was answered by killing tens of thousands of Kurds. It has brutally eliminates the revolutionary and communist movement killing thousands. It still keeps about 15.000 political prisoners and it will probably serve as the main springboard for a new imperialist assault on Iraq.

Regardless of this record the European Union – let alone the USA – keeps terming the hardly veiled military dictatorship as democratic. In the wake of September 11 and the declared permanent war on any opposition to the imperialist world order, the EU has been following the US (and Germany) adding the significant radical opposition forces, namely the Kurdish Worker´s Party PKK and the Revolutionary People´s Liberation Front DHKC, to their notorious “list of terrorist organisations”.

However, both DHKC and KADEK (successor of PKK) will be present at the Anti-imperialist Camp in order to defend their democratic right to resistance against the capitalist dictatorship and to expose their views of the prospects of the liberation struggle.