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How to get to the Antiimperialist Camp

1. August 2002

Assisi, Italy

The Anti-imperialist Camp is taking place on the camping site Camping Fontemaggio (via Eremo delle Carceri n°8). Assisi can be reached by both car and train:

1 – by train

from Rome, from Florence or from Ancona

Once arrived at the train station in Assisi (located in the village Santa Maria degli Angeli) one can reach the very town Assisi (located on a hill) by one of the freqent public buses. The last stop, where one has to get off, is Piazza Matteotti. To reach the Camping site the indications saying “Monte Subasio” have to be followed. The Camping site is located immediately outside medieval Assisi, ca. 400 metres from the bus stop.

2 – by car:

Follow the indications on the map; in Assisi (take the main road which goes up the hill) follow the indications to “Eremo delle Carceri”; “Monte Subasio”