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Against the illegalisation of Batasuna

30. August 2002

Faxismoari Stop! Batasuna aurrea!

Garzon, PP, PSOE, European black lists, imperialist terror war – a web targeting the democratic party Batasuna, basic democratic rights and peace

On 26th of August the Spanish parliament approved the illegalisation of Batasuna, the leading party of the Basque movement for self-determination. An outright anti-Basque mafia ranging from the Popular Party, Social democracy, their juridical instruments with the judge Garzon on its top, the political media apparatus to the United Left (whose abstention make them a accomplice) took the decision of a violent frontal attack against the Basque popular movement. They used the new party law which explicitly has been designed for this purpose (and opens at the same time the door for proscribing any political opposition against the more and more anti-democratic state of Spain). The so-called vanguard (according to the PP) of the anti-Basque terror, judge Baltasar Garzon, already anticipated the degree by ordering the closure of all party facilities and end of all activities of Batasuna in the morning of the same day.

According to the Spanish state 142.000 Basques, 11% of the electorate, are terrorists! Numerous cultural, social, sportive, women´s, youth associations as well as elected political representatives, majors and members of parliament – all of them terrorist! There is no doubt about the Basque terrorism: the Basque people is terrorising imperialism with is popular organisations, its independent posture, is not Americanised national identity and its direct democracy.

The crime committed by the Basque people is nothing else than to fight for the condition for a democratic referendum by means of which the entire Basque people can decide freely about their future thus exerting their sovereignty. They are hunted because they did not believe empty promises but proceeded to the construction of independent instruments of popular politisation, struggle and democracy.

Batasuna stands not only for the national liberation but intents to go further to Basque socialism based on social equality and popular cultural identity, another crime for those pretending the end of history. Batasuna´s project of liberation is based on the support of the most active parts of Basque society, first of all the youth and the popular classes as well as the international solidarity of the anti-imperialist forces.

Eventually Batasuna was banned because of its intransigent defence of the most democratic right of every people against imperialist globalisation – the right of self-determination. However, this struggle for self-determination is not limited to Batasuna and the Basque left but can count on the support of the majority of the Basque people.

Facing this oppressed democratic majority the “democratic” Spanish state has only one answer: “The armed forces have the mission of defending the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and constitutional order of Spain.” (article 8 of the Spanish Constitution) Or as the PP puts it: “Any kind of referendum or decision leading to independence is violating both the constitution and the autonomy statute.” (Carlos Iturgaiz, president of the Basque PP, El Pais, May 4th, 2002)

We will not back down in front of the mobilisation of the police nor of that of the media. Let the critical and democratic consciousness of each of us decide which solution to the conflict is just, peaceful and durable: the totalitarian approach of Spain or following proposal of ETA for a cease fire which had been cited by Batasuna: “There can be no restrictions for the word of the people. Therefore the Spanish state has to respect this democratic process regardless of its final results.” (Democratic Alternative) If this is an apology for terrorism than all those defending free expression must be charged.

We know the positions of the “progressive” forces – from the centre left to the post-modernists with their totalitarian anti-nationalism promoting globalisation and their superficial interventionist pseudo-pacifism. Their discourse of legitimising the imperial policy is not new. Only a few months ago they helped to destroy the peace process in Colombia by accusing the FARC for continuing the armed resistance during negotiations. But why the terrorist state, its army and its para-militaries is not asked for an immediate cease fire? They say the guerrilla must prove superior ethics. But the mean the ethics of suicide and surrender. In Colombia peace with social justice was strived for. But the state was not ready to concede social justice. In Euskal Herria peace with democracy is denied because the state does not want to desist from internal imperialism.

Minimal intelligence, a little knowledge of history and an elementary democratic consciousness should be enough to realise that this political conflict can only be resolved by recognising:

1) the people of Euskal Herria as the sovereign subject of democratic decision
2) the right to self-determination by means of a sovereign referendum for all Basques under democratic conditions.

We anti-imperialists declare our solidarity with the struggle of the Basque National Liberation Movement and the Basque left for the integral liberation meaning the socialist transformation of the Basque society within the process of national liberation. This perspective today requires the unity in action of all democratic forces defending the citizen rights, the human rights and the national rights – against the illegalisation of Batasuna and for the recognition of the right to self-determination of the Basque people.

Finally we want to point at the paradigmatic consequences of the illegalisation of a democratic opposition party which is unprecedented in the recent European history. It opens the door for the possible application of the black list against the right to free opinion, to free expression, to coalition and organisation, to opposition and to criticism.

We call to stage protest demonstrations in front of the Spanish embassy expressing our solidarity with Batasuna.

No the illegalisation of Batasuna!
For the right to self-determination to Euskal Herria!
Faxismoari Stop! Batasuna aurrea!

Anti-imperialist Camp