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Repression against migrant workers in South Korea

4. September 2002

by: Base21

On Monday, 2002.09.02, 6.30 in the morning, riot police were storming the accommodation of migrant workers in the Masok area near Seoul, South Korea. They arrested 15 persons from Bangladesh. A while later they released 13 from them after questioning.
Two persons, Kabir Uddin and comrade Budhin, activists in the KCTU/ETU-MB (Equal Trade Union ?Migrant´s Branch) were brought to deportation detention center in south Gyeongi-do (province). They´re facing now deportation very soon. During the arresting Budhin was injured because of police brutality. Kabir Uddin and Budhin are active in the migrant workers struggle against deportation and for a equal rights also for migrant workers. With that action, the South Korean govt., show´s his unwillingness to find a satisfying solution for the migrant workers issue. The arresting of them was a coordinated action from Immigration Office, Nat´l Security Agency and police. Since beginning of the week also mass arresting in the whole country on the way.

We´re demanding:
Stop the mass arresting and deportation!
Freedom for Kabir Uddin, Budhin and all the other arrested!
Equal rights for all in S. Korea living and working people!
Respect the human rights!