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EU’s “Black List” to annul democratic rights

21. September 2002

Let´s defend them!

Since September 11th the US supported by the EU have been creating a climate of “terror psychosis” with the goal to attack the right of free expression and to get rid of not only the opposition in the “Third World” but also in the metropolises themselves.

The US are leading a demagogic campaign against terrorism and the preparations for war against all the people opposing their dominance is in full swing. The aim of the war mongers, who destroyed Afghanistan and have announced a war against Iraq, is to secure their global supremacy and to smash and permanently suppress the forces of resistance.

The West used the call for security following September 11 to take severe measures supposedly against “terrorism” but actually used to attack and restrict democratic rights. Three months after the attack on Afghanistan begun the US have proclaimed their “axis of evil”. But that was not enough: CIA director Tenet published a list of “organisations to be eliminated”. The question arose as to who would be the next to be targeted and attacked by the US and their allies.

The violation of national sovereignty for any country, the suppression und annihilation of popular organisations and the assassination of countless people are regarded as legitimate and nobody is allowed to raise his voice. The American and European press is actively orchestrating this propaganda.

Under this pretext the US passed new anti-democratic laws, in Europe the regulation for privacy in telecommunications has been loosened and private data can be accessed by the authorities without restriction.

Meanwhile the intelligence services do not get tired from enlarging the scope for their targets. Both the US and the EU permanently extend their lists of organisations to be “exterminated”. First they tried to create the illusion that the list would be directed against the Islamic perpetrators of the September 11 attacks (without providing any serious evidence as of now). But soon forces like the Revolutionary People´s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), the Kurdish Worker´s Party (PKK), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) appeared on the list unveiling its real intention. Allied dictatorial regimes oppressing the people like Israel or Turkey should be protected. Thus, international law is violated which explicitly stipulates the legitimacy of resistance, including armed one, against colonial occupation. Then the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were added to the list. Furthermore, single states used the opportunity to attack. The Basque Batasuna party was simply banned because of its demand for the right to self-determination for the Basque people. And some weeks ago the US enlisted the Communist Party of the Philippines (CCP). The Netherlands immediately requested the EU to follow the American example.

The annihilation of the revolutionary opposition in the F type prisons in Turkey, the plan Colombia, intend to impede the aspirations of the Colombian people for independence and for peace with social justice, the operations on the Philippines allegedly targeting the Abu Sayyaf group are actually opening the doors for an American military intervention, the criminalisation of the anti-globalisation movement by Berlusconi are but different aspects of one master plan.

The black list of the European Union
The black list has been assembled by an institution by the name of COREPER consisting of the permanent ambassadors at the European council. To add an organisation to the list COREPER neither has to argue why nor make its motives known to the public. No objection can be filed, no juridical means against that arbitrary criminalisation is possible. Those diplomats simply arrogate to themselves the right to label whoever they want as “Terrorist”. National state laws in Europe are just about to be adapted to this conception inherent to the black list providing the opportunity to proscribe opposition to these anti-democratic measures as “terrorist” themselves or in support of terrorism.

In this climate nobody can speak any more of safeguarding democratic rights on the contrary, the list of terrorist organisations constitute a blatant support for murderous regimes.

Terrorism as the expression of imperialism
Since its very beginning imperialism condemned billions to unemployment, misery, repression and torture. Imperialism is responsible for the violation of the sovereignty of countless countries. Dozens of millions had and have to pay with their lives or are forced to vegetate under inhuman conditions. Imperialism perpetrated coups, massacres, genocide in Latin America, Asia, Africa and in the Middle East. They created and financed Hitler, Mussolini, France and educated thousands and thousands of torturers.

Hasn´t it been them to present themselves to be “modern and civilized”? Just remember Berlusconi´s talk of the war of civilisations. But where is this civilisation? In Germany and the Netherlands racism is spreading. What happened to humanism that those counties are so proud of?

Let´s listen to the declaration of Blair with regard to his relationship with the US: “We are ready to pay the price of blood”. Which barbarity is he talking about? Whose blood he wants to spill? Only hypocrisy is what drives them to draft the black list.

We call upon those who want to join the mobilisation against the EU´s black list scheduled for October 26 in Brussels:

…· to impede the violation of democratic rights
…· to fight racism and cultural chauvinism especially against the Muslim community raging in Europe
…· oppose the new wars European imperialism is threatening the peoples of the world

…· Our Democratic rights should not be included with the black list!
…· Down with the dictatorial and fascist regimes in the service of imperialism!
…· Let´s put those regimes on the black list of the people!
…· Cancel the EU´s black list!