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Solidarity with Palestine in Japan

1. October 2002

by Revolutionary Communist League Japan

Dear comrades in the Anti-Imperialist Camp:

In response to your call in August, we express our solidarity with the international protest action against the US `war on terrorism` for September 28 on the occasion of the anniversary of the Palestinian Intifada.

The Zionist Sharon government, fearing the bold resistance of the Palestinians, has imprisoned Arafat, destroying the chairperson`s office in Ramallah. Now he has denied any existence of the Palestinian government. Burning with anger at the Israeli government and its military controls imposed in the name of `eradication of terrorism`, Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank dared to stage mass demonstrations, breaking the curfew. We fight in solidarity with Palestinians struggling for the independence of Palestine in protest against the occupation! Never allow the Israeli troops to continue their barbarous acts.
Shouting about the need for a pre-emptive attack, President Bush is preparing a barbarous aggression against Iraq, even by means of nuclear weapons. Stop Bush!

Last year, a considerable part of leftist parties were swallowed in the imperialist `anti-terrorism` campaign regrettably; they were not able to carry out resolute fights against the aggressive imperialist war in Afghanistan. This fact also functioned to partly overshadow the struggle over Palestine.

Overcoming such a miserable situation, we, together with other militants, have been carrying out revolutionary antiwar struggles internationally, expressing a firm solidarity with brave fights by Palestinians. Let us strengthen and expand militant struggles over the world. Stop US imperialist aggressions named `war on Terrorism`! Denounce the bloody military aggression against Palestine by the Sharon government!

Fight together!