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The 2nd anniversary of the Intifada

1. October 2002

reports from the European demonstrations


From 11.00 till 17.00 a protest action took place in the inner city with music, culture and political speeches.


Some hundred people gathered in spite of the pouring rain in the inner city for a demonstration leading to the US embassy. The several speeches that were held at the demonstration were mainly held by representatives of the anti-imperialist left, the Palestinian community and anti-fascist fighters which had already offered resistance against the Nazi-regime.


Around 10.000 people gathered on the Place de la Joliette and the demo started at 15h, and walked through the city. More than 100 organisations from everywhere in France, and also from Spain and Italy were there. Around 19h, Ramallah was joined on the phone, and Arafat spoke to thank the demonstrators.


Around 3. 000 people were demonstrating in support of the Intifada, following the call of the Palestinian community, Arabic associations and German organisations.


A demonstration of more than 200 people took place in Frankfurt with amazing international participation from Palestine, Algeria, Turkey, Greek, Italy, Germany, Spain, Peru