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Afghan communists to protest against black list of EU, US

12. October 2002

Support for int`l demonstration Oct 26 Brussels

Let`s put invader fascist regimes
on the black list of the peoples!

In the age of cold war between NATO and WARSA, US and other imperialists created fundamentalism as a mental and material force against the development of Soviet Union and growth of democratic and Left movements in the third world specially in Islamic countries. Fundamentalist parties and the basis of Alqaida during resistance war against Soviet Union were established and supported in Afghanistan by the supporters of “anti terrorism campaign”. During the resistance war fundamentalist parties rather repressed and undermined the democratic forces and the Left opposition current than any enemy. The Islamists who labeled terrorist just after Sept 11 event, have been terrorist, anti civilization and anti women since their born by US, Pakistan, Iran and Arabic countries. The left forces in Afghanistan had predicted that the set on fire by US and Europe and Arabs would burn them too a day. The so- called anti terrorism campaign of Imperialist countries is just to deviate the attention of their peoples from poverty, unemployment, diseases, discrimination and finally growing gap between poor and owners and their legal rights. We believe that anti terrorism campaign just gives a slight punishment to the real terrorist forces that do not obey US and are rebels. On the contrary their movies acts will activate them ever before. For example, Taliban and Northern alliance in Afghanistan both are terrorists and murderers of thousands of civilians, but US toppled the Taliban and handed over power to northern alliance instead of dragging to a trial for their wild crimes. As the Marxist study teaches us and the reality indicates the main conflict in world is between labor and capital that will inevitably make the future history of the world to the benefit of labor. Therefore their campaign shows its real face by passage of time. Adding revolutionary and communists, progressive parties to their black list, signs the savage character of inhuman governments of imperialism. Left Radical of Afghanistan seriously condemn this act of US and European Imperialists and demand to cancel the names of Revolutionary People`s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), the Kurdish Worker`s Party (PKK), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Communist Party of the Philippines (CCP), Basque Batasuna party, The real terrorists are US and Europe and other imperialists that have been faced all world to systematically state terrorism. Therefore we defend the following demands:

– The democratic rights should not be included with the black list!
– Down with the dictatorial and fascist regimes in the service of imperialism!
– Let`s put those regimes on the black list of the peoples!
– Cancel the EU`s black list!

Nasir Loyand
Left Radical of Afghanistan