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Scottish Republican Socialists to support Brussels´ protest against black list

23. October 2002

The Scottish Republican Socialist Movement sends its revolutionary greetings and expresses it`s support for the international protest against the EU blacklist.

With this list the ruling class of Europe seeks to halt the revolutionary demands of the oppressed peoples of the world for national liberation and socialism. We reiterate our solidarity with all those who stand in this struggle for the emancipation of humanity. At this time especially so with the martyrs of the Turkish Death Fast; with the Palestinian people in their fight against Zionism and Imperialism, with our comrades from Euskadi, and with the workers of Iraq threatened by the planet`s largest Terrorist threat.

Unfortunately we have not the resources to send a delegation to Brussels but assure our comrades internationally of our anti-imperialist solidarity and our continued pledge to fight Imperialism to its utmost here in Scotland, where we face continued harassment from the imperialist British state.

We see the blacklisting of organisations of the oppressed as another tool of the globalisation agenda that seeks to turn the planet into rich-pickings for Capitalism and Imperialism. The same Imperialist agenda that sees attacks on workers rights, increased unemployment, cuts in public services and deeper poverty amongst our class, on an global scale. As our enemies are united against us so we must be against them.

End the EU Blacklist

Support for the Revolutionary People`s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Batasuna, the Kurdish Worker`s Party (PKK), Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Communist Party of the Philippines (CCP),

For the international solidarity of the anti-imperialist struggle

An end to Anglo-American Terrorism & Imperialism