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Anti-imperialist Solidarity Delegation to Iraq

17. November 2002

Defend Iraq, confront imperialism

There were times when peace followed war. Since the US have enthroned themselves to be the sole world ruler there is no more peace. War has become permanent, aggression a matter of daily administration.

With Bush´s doctrine of “preventive war” the US arrogate themselves the right to crush any movement, any government, any nation, any alliance not ready to subjugate itself to the American tyranny.

In its delirium of omnipotence the White House does not even bother to cover its strategy. They openly demand other peoples – first of all those belonging to the “Third World” – to subordinate to the national interests of the US. This is but pure imperialism as even Scott Ritter concedes, US marine and former arms inspector in Iraq. The poorest countries are not only forced to surrender their resources to a handful of rich counties, but they also have to remain silent facing this pillage. Whoever dares to mount resistance must be ready to expect bombings, military occupation and starvation.

After the war of 91 and the dreadful misery caused by the embargo Iraq is faced with a new terrible aggression. Bush already announced that he will not respect possible UN resolutions contradicting his plans and that the US is ready erect a military protectorate. Its not only the oil driving US imperialists to war. It is not less important for them to topple a government opposing the transformation of the Middle East into an American colony. In case Baghdad would fall the US felt encouraged to intervene even in the most remote corner of the world.

The resistance of Iraq will not only determine the freedom of its people but also of all others. As the struggle against Nazism and for the liberation of Palestine was not only legitimate but also necessary, in the same way it is for the defence of Iraq. Equidistance would imply collusion with the White House, the most powerful centre of terror ever seen.

We call upon all democratic and revolutionary forces to do their utmost to hinder the war and to support Iraq in case war breaks out. We have to develop the movement against the war isolating the US government and hampering their war preparations. Therefore we organise international solidarity delegations travelling to Iraq. From January onwards we strive for permanent presence of hundreds of activists from around the world ready to serve as “human shields” for hospitals, schools and villages.

More than ever the Iraqi people needs our solidarity. We cannot leave it alone. Our delegations can encourage the popular resistance and can help to disturb the Anglo-American war and propaganda machine.

Stop the war on Iraq!
Lift the embargo!
No European participation!
US troops out of the gulf!

Anti-imperialist Camp, November 2002