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Copenhagen2002 – København2002

26. November 2002

Demonstration, 13.12.02

To make sure that the present big global topics will be put on the agenda under the demonstrations connected to the EU-summit in Copenhagen the 12-14th of December, a number of individuals and organisations have founded the new initiative Copenhagen 2002-København2002.
The initiative is planning a demonstration in Copenhagen Friday the 13th of December 2002, with Danish and international speakers under the slogans:
Stop the terrorwar!
No to imperialist globalisation!
No to the EU of the capital!
We hereby call on anti-war movements and peace organisations, anti-imperialists and solidarity-organisations, anti-globalisation movements, opponents of the EU and other progressive forces to join the initiative. It is possible to join only on the basis of one of the slogans. All slogans are allowed, as long as they stay inside the framework of the slogans mentioned.
Stop the war of terrorism!
With the Bush doctrine and the US strategy for hegemony the world is in a state of permanent war and armament. After Afghanistan a new big war is prepared against Iraq, to deploy a puppet of the US and gain control over the rich oil resources and the region itself.
The Palestinian people is threatened by new massacres and forced removal. The “war on terror”, which is supported and also waged by the EU, Russia and China, bear enormous consequences for the people, who pay for the unrestrained armament through social cut downs and falling real wages, and with restrictions of the democracy and the right to protest (especially with the terror-laws).
The Philippines, Colombia, Chechnya – new countries are constantly being involved in the war “terrorwar” – all in order to crush the people´s resistance with military power.
No to imperialist globalisation!
The terrorwar is also the economical globalisation, carried out by force of arms. It is the securing of the great multinational corporations exploitation of and control with the worlds countries, people, financial and natural resources. It is the guarantee for continuing the robbing of the overwhelming majority of the peoples of the world. 1,8 billion people live for less than 1 US$ a day – and the number increases. Neo-liberalism with its privatisation of everything and everybody for profit, has lead to increased poverty, exploitation of entire nations and regions from Argentina and the Andes Region in Latin America to Africa and great parts of Asia – and the former Soviet Union too.
WTO, The World Bank, IMF, FTAA, EU are all just a few of the names of the instruments used in the imperialistic globalisation – all to the advantage of the monopolies.
No to the EU of the capital!
From summit to summit the resistance against the EU of the capital is expressing itself in the streets of Europe. The resistance will also express itself in Copenhagen.
Now the EU is to be provided with its own constitution – the final political basis for a UNITED STATES of EUROPE. It is even suggested to be its name. A new super-state, a coming new global superpower: it is the dream of the European rulers and monopolies, a dream which is on its way to coming true. It is not the EU of the people`s, it is the EU of the capital. The expansion towards east with a number of new member countries is a step in the construction of the EU superpower, a step to maintain the superstate EU´s eastern backyard and “gather Europe” on a neo-liberal and reactionary basis. It is the part of the basis for the development of the EU as a global imperialist superpower – just like the USA.
The expansion of the EU to the east of Europe, will have serious consequences for the population of the new member countries. By imposing customs duties, barriers of trade and ruthless economical politics, another market for the capital of EU is created. Under cover of fair trade Eastern and Central Europe is being prepared for slavery under leadership of the multinational companies.
We say: NO to the United States of Europe! Stop the Europe of the reaction and the capital!
The organisers