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Basque anti-imperialists persecuted

30. November 2002

Solidarity call by Euskal Herriko Komunistak

We call upon all to support our dear comrade Josà© Antonio Egido, Takolo, and his organisation of Basque Communists who have been forming part of the Anti-imperialist Camp since the very beginning. Josà© always has been in the first line in the struggle against imperialism defending the Yugoslav, the Palestinians, the Iraqi, the Afghan, the Colombians people against the Western aggression. He was also engaged in the struggle against the EU´ notorious black list of liberation organisations which he is no victim of.

Send solidarity messages, call for protest action on front of Spanish embassies!


Call by Euskal Herriko Komunistak:

Solidarity with Takolo

On November 21 the fascist judge Baltasar Garzà³n issued an order accusing various Basque citizens of forming “part of a terrorist organisation”. Among those accused there is also our comrade Josà© Antonio Egido, Takolo. What is the real “crime” they are being accused of? Nothing else than having been part of the different leaderships of Herri Batasuna (HB), Euskal Herritarrok and Batasuna. Comrade Takolo was responsible for international relations in the National Leadership of HB. This motive suffices for Garzà³n to open a criminal case against him.

What are the intentions of Garzà³n?

It is evident that with this new order the Spanish judge has all those in sight who have been related in one or another form with the Basqe left. This has started with his order to close the news papers Egin and Egin Irratia, decisions unprecedented for bourgeois democratic systems. Since then he has incarcerated step by step Basques and banned organisations for their political activities until he targeted a party like Batasuna representing twenty percent of the Basque electorate. Now, with the accusations against Josà© Antonio, it is the turn for the Basque Communists, Euskal Herriko Komunistak (EHK).
We believe that Garzà³n´s intention is to suppress all popular organisations threatening the project of Spain “one, great and free” which the oligarchy has been trying to impose upon us since the fascists hordes assassinated the legitimate Republic in 1939. The government of Aznar is inheritor of the assassin Franco. Garzà³n with the juridical orders in hand and the coercive forces in his back is the spearhead of this project.

We do not fear the oligarchy and their lackeys Aznar and Garzà³n

We are communists and our interests are irreconcilably opposed to those of the bourgeoisie. We know this and therefore we are not astonished that the Spanish oligarchy proscribes us and the Basque people. If comrade Takolo and the others are guilty then all of us are guilty – those who have militated in the Basque left, those casting their votes for HB, those who participated at a demonstration for our political prisoners and those who have paid the last respect to our fighters fallen in the heroic struggle for independence and socialism. For the state we are guilty for having fought for an independent and socialist Basque country, for having denounced the crimes of imperialism, for having demanded the immediate release of the political prisoners. But we do not fear. Thanks to the example of comrades like Takolo and many others who have dedicated all their life to the revolutionary struggle we are convinced that at the end we will defeat the enemies of the people and win.

Solidarity with the comrade Takolo

We call upon all communists, progressive people, democrats, antifascists and all those in solidarity with the revolutionary cause of the Basque people to do the utmost to show their solidarity with comrade Josà© Antonio Egido. With the repression unleashed against EHK the entire communist movement is being persecuted not only in the Basque country but also within the Spanish state. Only recently we have seen the attacks on PCE(r) and Socorro Rojo Internacional. We denounce this offensive against the Spanish communists and antifascists and we declare our solidarity with them and their struggle. An attack on a revolutionary in any part of the world is an attack against all workers.

Solidarity with comrade Takolo!
Halt the repression against the communists!
Despite the attacks by the fascist Garzà³n we will win!

Euskal Herriko Komunistak (EHK)
November 28, 2002
(slightly shortened)