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Russia: Kuzbass worker´s leader persecuted

3. December 2002

By Anatolii Pizhov of Zaschita Truda

The bourgeois authorities of Russia are engaged in an unprecedented campaign of repression against Vladimir Borovyov, one of the Co-Chairmen of the Interregional Association of Workers Unions of Russia (“Zaschita Truda”).

Vladimir Borovyov became one of the unquestionable leaders of the proletariat in Kuzbass already in the 90´s, during the campaign of struggle of the oppressed masses called the “railway war”. The “railway war” was motivated by the extreme oppression exerted by the ruling bourgeoisie. Over the last few years his authority as a fighter for the interests of the oppressed masses is acknowledged in Russia and has surpassed the borders of our country.

On August 20th of this year Vladimir Borovyov was arrested by the police in front of a picket line; he was jailed and isolated. On August 22nd the local authorities tried once more to frighten him with a new indictment. However, the court once more did not find him guilty of the charges he has been wrongly accused of.

Repression intensified after the mayor of the city of Anzhero-Sudzehnsk, who was forced out under the pressure of the local population organized by the workers union “Zaschita”. This harassment has become worse after Vladimir Borovyov returned from his trip to Florence where he represented “Zaschita” in an international anti-imperialist forum.

On November 27th Vladimir Borovyov was forced by the Russian intelligence to show up at the delegation of the Federal Service of Security of the city of Anzhero-Sudzehnsk and was interrogated for several hours. The procedure followed by the Russian intelligence is in flagrant contradiction with the current Constitution. At the same time the bourgeois mass media has launched a vicious campaign at both the local and federal levels to discredit and demonize this workers´ activist.

Anatolii Pizhov – Secretary of international relations of the Executive Committee of “Zaschita Truda”, member of the Coordinating Committee of the Militant Trade Unions of Europe.

November 28th 2002
Russia, Leningrad

Addresses for protests:
1) 103132, Russia, Moscow, Staraya Ploshad, dom 4. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
2) 650027, Russia, Kemerovo, Prospekt Sovetstkii, dom 58. Regional administration. Governor Tuleev. Fax: +7(3842) 23-31-56. à’f. +7(3842) 36-34-09.
3) 652470, Russia, Region of Kemerov, Anzhero-Sudzehnsk, ulitsa Lenina, dom 6. City Administration. Mayor Gotfrid. Fax +7(38453) 2-34-56. Tf. +7(38453) 2-22-66. à…-mail:

Copies of the protest please forward to the following addresses:
2) 103009, Russia, Moscow, ulitsa Okhotnii ryad, dom 1. State Duma of the RF. Deputy Shein Oleg Vasilevitch. E-mail: