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Shin Bet confirms arrest of wife of PFLP leader

24. January 2003

by News Agencies

Sources in the Shin Bet security service confirmed Wednesday evening that it has arrested Abla Saadat, the wife of Ahmad Saadat, the head of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Abla Saadat, 44, was first reported missing earlier Wednesday.

Family friends said Saadat was on her way to Jordan on Tuesday to fly to Brazil for a conference but had neither crossed the Allenby Bridge to Jordan nor returned home.

They said she was last seen at an Israeli inspection area at the bridge terminal and believe she was arrested by the Israeli authorities.

Some reports quoted a Palestinian as saying he saw her Tuesday afternoon on the Israeli side of the bridge terminal and she told him she was being arrested.

Ahmad Saadat is in a Palestinian Authority prison in Jericho supervised by American and European officers as part of a deal to convince Israel to end its siege of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat earlier last year.

Saadat`s organization claimed responsibility for the killing of far-right cabinet minister Rehavam Ze`evi over a year ago. It said the killing was in revenge for the Israeli assassination of the PFLP Secretary-General Abu Ali Mustafa in Ramallah.

Israel has been demanding Saadat`s extradition without success. The IDF killed his brother Mohammed in Ramallah last summer.