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National Reconcilement and democracy: Our Way to Resist and Defeat the American Aggression

16. February 2003

Press Release

The Iraqi National Coalition has ended its third conference held in Paris in the period between the seventh and the ninth of February 2003, under the motto ” National Reconcilement and democracy: Our Way to Resist and Defeat the American Aggression”. Two hundred and thirty agents from the national Iraqi opposition parties, organizations, powers and figures, and a great number of representatives of Arab political parties and figures from Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Algeria and Morocco have attended the conference. Moreover, many foreign political figures from Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Britain and France have attended the conference as well. During the conference, several foreign and Arab political figures talked and commended the Iraqi National Coalition´s attitude which is calling for national reconcilement and dialog for democracy and uniting the powers to face the American imperial aggression against our country. They expressed their absolute rejection to the war against Iraq and their support of the Iraqi people against the aggression and embargo.

During the conference, three political documents were discussed: one about the results of the negotiation with the Iraqi government when the delegation of the Iraqi National Coalition visited Iraq last October; the other concerning the nationalistic congruities; and the last confirming the inseparability and the oneness of the battle in Iraq and Palestine against the American and the Zionist imperialism. The conference stressed the import and the necessity of lining up the national, nationalistic and Islamic powers over a wide front in fighting and resisting the American aggression against Iraq; and supporting the Arab Palestinian people in their fight against the colonial Zionist imperialism, for freedom and founding the independent national state for the Palestinian people. The conference commended the resistance of our people against the beastly embargo and the air-bombing against our institutions by the American and British Air forces. Concomitantly, the conference condemned the connivance of most of the Arab regimes with the Zionists and American aggressors.

Four Iraqi national organizations have joined the Iraqi National Coalition: the Environment Party, Party for Justice and Reform, the Movement for Reviving the Civil Society, the Iraqi Bedouins Council. The conference received support and endorsement, in the form of telegraphs and letters, from several Arab and foreign politicians and intellectuals, and from organizations, union forums and Arab student unions; in which they bless the conference and the attitude embodied by the Iraqi National Coalition in facing the aggression and the unfair embargo against our country. The conference ended by electing twenty three members for the Central Forum from which the members of the Leading Committee have been elected.

The Iraqi National Coalition

Members of the Central Forum

1-Abdel Jabbaar Al-Kubeisi
2-Aouni Al-Qualamchi
3-Hatem Al-Alwani
4-Bakir AL-Sarraaf
5-Abbas Shahien
6-Hind Al-Niemi
7-Lebied Abdel Aziz
8-Majid Dakhiel
9-Fadhil Al-Rubaiee
10-Wajdi Jihad
11-Shukri Ilia
12-Ali Khalid
13-Amir Al-Tharb
14-Ali Al-Malki
15-Jasim Muhamad Nuri
16-Habib Zegair
17-Hatem Abdel Kariem
18- Meshal Al-Sheikh Amir
19-Salaam Wahied
20-Ahmad Jundi
21-Hisham Al-Ani
22-Nada Al-Rubaiee
23-Ala Jawad

The Leading Committee

1-Abdel Jabbaar Kubeisi
2-Aouni Al-Qualamchi
3-Hatem Al-Alwani
4-Abbas Shahien
5-Fadhil Al-Rubaiee
6-Lebied Abdel Aziz
7-Bakir Al-Sarraaf