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Anti – War protest in Jakarta

21. February 2003

by FNPBI – National Front of Indonesian Workers struggle

On February 15, 200 protestors of Anti- imperialist front marched to oppose the possible US military attack on Iraq. This front consists of student organization, trade union, NGO and political party.

The protestor gathered in front of Hotel Indonesia and started to move at 12.00 to the British embassy. Protestor carry the poster written ” No blood for oil, no imperialism war´, Bush –Blair stop killing the baby for your neoliberal-globalisation war”. In front of the British embassy one delegates from LMND (National student league for Democracy state on his speech that Blair has been support attack to secure its economic domination. The expensive war will cause the terrible prices of losing the live of the innocent people”.

Protestors continue to march to the United Nation Office and said the slogan; People united oppose the war!!!
The representative of LS-ADI ( Student group for action and Indonesian democracy) condemn the UN position on war. UN must Maintains the international peace not backing up the imperialism; UN must not endorse the war. The representative of FNPBI stated that war is one of the capitalist way to rescue it self from crisis, if we refuse to fight the capitalism, the war will happen over and over , if we refuse to oppose the capitalism we will trap in the crisis for the rest of our live”

Protestors countinue march to US embassy and yield another slogan” The debt here in Indonesia, war on Iraq, all the world suffer for war and debt, fight imperialism and the puppet of imperialism!!!
The representative from National coalition state that there is no clear evidence that Iraq own the weapon of mass destruction but America weapon will massively kill the people of Iraq. PRD (people´s democratic party) representative state there are thousands US and its allied prepare to attack Bagdad, they will attack Iraqis with or without the evidence. This is imperialism war.
WALHI (Indonesian Forum for environment) Representative stress on the speech that US not attacking Moslem, this is not religious war, but this is war for oil, therefore we gather here to oppose the economic domination in Iraq and in the third world country.

Mass actions willing to hand down the petition of 500 people that sign in the white banner, but the police restrict it . The protestor put the petition in front of the embassy.

March continue to Presidential palace. They yield the slogan Megawati_ hamsah haz regime´ the puppet of imperialist. The leader stated that Megawati – Hamzah haz regime is the loyal follower of Neoliberal agent. They hurt poor people through economic policy dictate by imperialist agent as well as condemn the position of the government who are not firmly oppose the war on Iraq.