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Call to support Professor J

18. March 2003

We have recently received an appeal by Prof. J asking us to help him.

Prof. J is an anti-fascist fighter who opposed Pinochet´s regime and for this reason he is still being prosecuted by the Chilean military police which accuses him of having killed general Urzua, one of the most important leading figures of Pinochets junta. Because of this charge Prof J is also prosecuted by the Interpol. During the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi, last year, he was arrested by the Italian police and expelled to South Africa.

He suffered there imprisonment and for many days the South African authorities denied his presence in their country. Thanks to our massive campaign denouncing the unjust prosecution of Prof. J by the Chilean military, the South African authorities denied Chile request for Prof. J´s extradition.

But Prof. J. isn´t still a free man. The South African authorities haven´t till now consigned him any official paper concerning his legal position in South Africa, so that he can´t look for a job nor leave the country.

Therefore he calls to grant him financial support. Whoever wants to give some donation pls. contact us.