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International anti-imperialist, anti-war camp of debates, workshops and action

8. May 2003

Organized by Thessaloniki Resistance 2003, sponsored by ILPS, ATIK

September 11 gave George W. Bush and the American imperialists the pretext to put into operation a wide ranging strategy to impose unchallenged American supremacy in the world. After disposing of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and establishing new bases in Central Asia, they are now invading and destroying Iraq committing unparallel crimes against humanity to further consolidate their power in the Middle East and their control of the oil resources in the region. Meanwhile, they allow the Zionists to unleash a genocide in Palestine.

The attack against peoples´ rights is intensifying. This attack will continue. It will be deeper and broader. Iraq is only a link in the chain of American imperialism´s overall objective to dominate the world. The other imperialist countries, who are angered by US imperialist arrogance and unilateralism have began to go their own way in pursuit of their own interests.

Amidst this turmoil, the people of the world have started to fight back. They fight against war, they denounce imperialism and demand a better world.

The recent mass mobilizations against imperialist globalization and war indicate the growing resentment and opposition of people of the world against the imperialists and reactionaries. To be more effective and consistent, the anti-globalization and anti-war movement should be transformed into a struggle against the imperialist system.

We propose a gathering from 15/6/03 to 22/6/03 in a camp in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the EU Summit and the formation of a common international anti-imperialist, anti-war bloc as part of the big international demonstration which will take place on 21/6.

We invite all anti-imperialist, anti-war forces, movements, fronts and initiatives. We invite social, labour, women, environmental, migrants radical organizations. We invite national-liberation, antifascist, and social movements, organizations, and parties of the revolutionary and radical Left, from Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. We invite independent radical and left intellectuals and artists, unionists, anti-war and social activists. We want a rich, open and lively discussion on current issues of peoples´ struggles against war and imperialism, and for national and social liberation.

Organized by Thessaloniki Resistance 2003, initiative for an anti-imperialist block.
Sponsored by ILPS, ATIK.


Discussions (speakers will be announced)

Sunday 15/6: After Iraq what? American hegemony-imperialist war and contradictions

Monday 16/6: The anti-imperialist direction in the anti-war movement. Needs, capabilities, perspectives

Tuesday 17/6: Development in the zone of storms. People´s revolutionary struggle in Asia and Latin America

Wednesday 18/6: anti-terrorist campaign, black list, isolation, political prisoners and white cells. International solidarity and resistance.

Thursday 19/6: European Union. Capitalist barbarism against workers, peasants, migrants, youth, EMU, Euro-army, expansion and contradiction

Demonstrations on 19,20,21/6


…· Globalization. The end of a myth
…· Movement against globalization/Social forum and NGO
…· American military bases and political military domination
…· Palestine and Middle East
…· Movements in Latin America
…· Migrants, racism and state policy
…· Women movement in a post-feminist period
…· The Balkans after the destruction of Yugoslavia
…· Death and fast cases
…· Media: Bourgeois domination and alternative information
…· Youth and anti-war struggle
…· Culture and peoples resistance
…· Labour movement: The necessity for the reconstruction of working class

Please let us know, as soon as possible, whether you intend to participate in the panels and workshops.

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