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Resist the attack of the new American fascism

10. June 2003

Call for the Anti-imperialist Camp 2003

Resist the attack

“Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism and a battle hymn for the peoples` unity against the great enemy of mankind: the United States of America.”
Ernesto Che Guevara

For an international front of all those fighting against the new American fascism

The biggest peace movement of the last decades, the opposition of the United Nations and most of their historic allies did not impede the new US aggression against Iraq.

The White House openly stated that it will gun down any obstacle for their strategic design, which apparently is the defence of the current mono-polar order characterised by the global predominance of the United States. Actually the doctrine of “pre-emptive and permanent war” hides a more ambitious goal: to forge an outright stars and stripes empire as had been outlined in the “Project for a New American Century”. An empire which for the first time in history does not have borders and in which the different nations retain only formal autonomy and are reduced to servile and dependent provinces.

This is only the initial stage. As of now the US are confining themselves to hit the easiest targets, that are the poorest, badly armed and most isolated among the so-called “rogue states” i.e. those states who refuse to renounce their national sovereignty. At the same time they strive to wipe out their main enemy, the anti-imperialist movements. In a not too distant future the same could happen to China, Russia and Europe if those powers do not accept subordination. The US want to transform the entire planet into their backyard.

Therefore we witness a historic conflict which will be long and bloody as the American empire can solely constitute itself, more than its predecessors, by way of an entire period of wars and catastrophes. No people with dignity will ever accept to become enslaved and will fight by all means before being subjugated. Besides Cuba, the steadfast struggle of the Palestinian people serves as an example for us and as a warning to the North Americans that even in Iraq – despite their present victory – they will have to face a growing popular mobilisation demanding their withdrawal from the occupied county.

They have started this global imperialist war under the banner of their “special mission” to form the world according to their imaginations, to oblige all to accept Americanism and its idea of modernity as the new religion. When Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle are swaggering about “exporting democracy” (that is the suffocating presidentialist and McCarthyist oligarchy based on the sacredness of the market, on the systematic exclusion of the poor and on the annihilation of any antagonistic force they mean the forced Americanisation of the peoples, the extermination of any civilisation which does not intend to surrender. This fundamentalist protestant sect (an ugly copy of Zionism to which it is linked by countless threads) is sure to march with “good by its side” and is therefore no less theocratic and tyrannical than fascism.

It is the task of all those who oppose the American empire not only to support the resisting forces but also to co-ordinate them with the goal to form an international anti-imperialist united front to pass from defence to attack.

In this spirit we call upon whose fighting for the liberation from North American oppression to support and to participate in the Anti-imperialist Camp 2003.

Place and date of the venue: Assisi, Italy 1-6 September

Anti-imperialist Camp