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No other way than revolution

7. August 2003

Binod Tiwari, Nepal

“No alternate of Continuation of Revolution in Nepal if there is no any immediate forward going political outlet”

The peoples war of Nepal was started on 13 Feb. 1996, under the leadership communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The process of revolutionary transformation of the present semi feudal, semi colonial society of Nepal through peoples war has completed its glorious 8 yrs.

In the process of destruction of old state power and construction of new state power has reached as the stage of exercising local democratic state power in most of the areas of Nepal by forming own army. From this point we can say that the people war of Nepal has reached the stage of `strategic equilibrium`. It means neither the old state can defeat the new state power nor new.

In districts like Rolpa, Rukum, Jajarkot, Salyan, kalikot, etc it has formed completely base areas. For opening the door of fully new state, under the CPN Maoist led United Revolutionary People`s Council (URPC), it has formed its District governments in more than 40 districts out of 75. In many other districts it has exercised local governments of different classes, nationalities, region oppressed for centuries by showing the path of preservation, development and victory. During this course, in place of corrupt, immortal, fraudulent and individualistic culture of old state has developed a new collective and lofty culture of sacrifice, self-sacrifice, and ideological commitment.

What happen after Negotiation of 2001 ?

When there was negotiation in 2001, Gov. of Nepal closed all the doors of peaceful way to solve the nations problem by negotiation then the Maoist came to conclusion to advanced the peoples war. After this in Nov. 2001, Gov. declared state of emergency in Nepal. Then the Kings Gov. started a serial of attacks to the public in the name of Maoist and killed brutally, make disappeared, arrest and torture. They were frighten everywhere. Old state announced a curfew in most parts of the city area although there was state of emergency. Even in capital Kathmandu, the roads used to be blanked in 7 pm in the evening. More then 7000 peoples were arrested from Kathmandu only. On the other-hand Maoist Led- Peoples Liberation Army in the period of emergency developed a great height and did a advanced raid in the various part of the country.

Out of the 21 major battles during the emergency period last year, the PLA were routed in only three: Khara, Rumjatar and Terathum. In those raids the Royal Army were heavily defeated by Peoples Liberation Army. In this emergency more then 7000 Nepalese were killed by the reactionary Gov. forces, more then 350 Nepalese are still disappeared, more then 150 journalist were arrested and 7 were killed, thousands were kept in prison, army and police custody.

Why is happening at present ceasefire?

After the state of emergency, the Maoist came in conclusion that there is a strategically Equilibrium between the New Revolutionary Peoples Gov. led by CPN Maoist (New state) and declining Kings Gov. (Old State). In each and every part of the country people easily knew that there is two state in Nepal with two Gov., two army, two econmy, etc. In most part of the country were more then 75 percent Nepalese is ruled by the New State and in other part it is ruled by the old State. This equilibrium means neither the new state nor the old state were able to defeat each other completely.

On the next side the King seized all the peoples power and the constitution gain and achieve by the 1990s movement. King He took all the sovereign power in his hand by throwing elected Gov. in 4 Oct. 2002 and established his own puppet Gov. This retrogressive role of the king was just the outcome of Royal Massacre of 2001. So, the other parliamentary parties are also in movement although they don´t have no more support from the people.

So, the advanced raids of Maoist especially in Accham, Argakachi and other parts of Nepal made the great trouble to the old state. On the next side they lose the support to even the parliamentary political parties. This condition forced the old state to come in negotiation.

On 29 Jan. 2002, the cease fire between the Old state and Maoist was declared after the old state became ready for forward going outlet to solve the political crisis of the country. After this both sides formed the 22 point of code of conduct on March. After this, Maoist negotiation team leader issued their dialogue process, time frame in 27 April and demand to create comfortable and credible environment for dialogue within a definite time period as mentioned below:

1. The status of all the …‘prisoners of war´ made to disappear by police and army, including CPN (Maoist) central committee member Dandapani Neupane, has to be made public by 15 May 2003.

2. All the prisoners of war including alternative politburo member Rabindra Shrestha and alternative central committee members (of CPN Maoist) Bamdev Chettri, Mumaram Khanal have to be released within 15 days.

3. Within 15 days, all the arbitrary cases have to be withdrawn or to be dropped and prisoners of conscience released.

4. the so called Terrorist and Destructive Activity (control and punishment) Act, 2058 has to be immediately cancelled.

5. the Royal (Nepal) Army has to be brought back to the barracks within a week and search, arrest etc.. by the army of the common people has to stop immediately.

6. In order to ensure that the code of conduct is followed, and to monitor and investigate status of the a arbitrary disappearances and prisoners, a powerful committee has to be formed with representation from national and international human rights organizations, major professional organizations / trade unions and civil society

On the same time Maoist negotiator team bought out their clear and detail political agendas to solve the present crisis of the country with broad concept by means of formation of new constitution. In similar other political parties which were against the kings retrogressive activities of the country also accept this new constitution to solve the present crisis. For formation of new constitution Maoist bought a procedure as below :

i. a broad round table conference has to be organized among all the democratic, nationalist and leftists forces.

ii. the round table conference will formulate an interim constitution and an interim government has to be formed under the leadership of the revolutionary force.

iii. elections for constituent assembly will be held within six months and the assembly will form and promulgate the new constitution.

But on the next side the old (King) state stayed as a deaf and say that after staying in dialogue they are ready to do these things. Anyway 2 rounds of negotiation between Maoist led New State and King led Old State was held in Kathmandu. In negotiation they approved to keep the old state Royal Army around the 5 km periphery (which was also approved by the King himself with his negotiator team), releasing the leaders and cadres of Maoist and stopping the violation of norms of cease fire and code of conduct, etc.

Instead of implanting these things, king throw his own puppet from the prime minister which was established after the retrogressive proclamation and bought the new puppet in the Gov. The King change his puppet because he was loosing in the table of negotiation also and unwilling to do negotiation after getting to support of imperialist forces and thinking to extend the cease fire for their military preparation to smash revolutionaries. After this reactionary, feudalistic King mobilized his army in the name of so-called health campaign, arresting of Maoist leaders and cadres, killing of more then 19 Maoist leaders and cadres in different parts of the country, abduction of negotiator contact office secretary and member of negotiation managing committee. This types of activates fully showed that the Old state was fully adhered to break the negotiation process and push the country into the vortex of civil war.

All these activates were done by the reactionary old state by the help of US imperialist design. They were thinking to extend the dialogue and design a plan to smash the Nepalese peoples war. By knowing this, CPN Maoist negotiator team, give a warning to the Gov. saying that they must send back all the US military from Nepal and there is no meaning of next round of peace talk without execution of decision came out from the second round of peace talks.

After this, Gov. write the letter on July 13 to call the dialogue for the Maoist saying that they will implement the decisions approved by the 2nd round of peace talk after fixing the 3 round of talk and create the environment for 3rd round of peace talk.

But the Maoist negotiator team replied the Gov. on July 23 saying – the unclear harping of negotiation by the old state so far deserves no meaning and importance. We are still in a position to favour forward going political outlet through negotiation. We are specifically sensitive on the question that let not the civil war in the country be intensified and let not the foreign military boots be stomped on the chest of the patriotic Nepalese people. But if the …‘Royal Nepalese army´ turns out to …‘Royal American army´, we are committed to defeat that being Vietnamese liberation fighters of the 21st century. We urge that the let the old state come at sense and comply the second round negotiation including applying them immediately and make the favourable atmosphere for the third round of negotiation. Otherwise, we want to make it clear through this letter that we will be obliged to resist any attempts of violating against the code of conduct and the decisions of the second round negotiation. It is obvious that the old state is responsible for the consequences from that.

Again on July Old state 25 replied a letter to the Maoist. On that letter they mentioned that they will try to find out the peaceful solution by being limited inside the present constitution and will implement all the decisions approved by two peace talks except limiting the army around 5 km periphery after fixing the date of 3 round of negotiation. But all the Nepalese and political parties of Nepal believes that the constitution is completely died.

After this, Maoist replied saying `immediate execution of the decisions approved from the 2 round of peace talk, clear reply of the past letter for making the environment for the next round of peace talk. If the old state is not ready to execute within 5 days (till 31 July) then we will think that Gov. has breakdown the cease fire and will go into war` letter written by Maoist negotiator Chief Dr. Baburam Bhattarai in 27 July.

By getting the warning from the Maoist, the old state released the 3 Maoist leaders, and other normal demands in 30 July and replied that they will implement the decisions as soon as possible and bring their political agendas in next round of dialogue.

On July 31 Maoist Chairman, Supreme Commander of Nepalese revolution Com. Parchanda (Pushpakamal Dahal) replied saying that Maoist will come in dialogue but their must be presence of other political parties and old state must execute the decisions of past peace talks and come with forward going political agendas in next round of peace talk.

After this letter war and last statement of Com. Parchanda has showed the some chances to start peace talk again. But there is great possibility of breakdown of ceasefire at any time by any side. Although there is ceasefire no one is fully hopeful that cease fire will continue for long time and the Gov. bring forward going political agendas in table to solve the present political crisis. All these happen because neither Maoist nor Old state wants to breakdown cease fire at first.

Why the negotiation was disturbed?

Actually, the ceasefire done by the Gov. was to strength their military by new weapons, give more training. It means old state was centralised to strengthen military power in this period. For this they bought weapons, helicopters from the US, UK and India. With these weapons they are trying to be fully prepared for the war.

All these weapons and millions of dollars were mainly granted by US Imperialist and his puppet UK. After the invasion in Iraq, they are thinking to interment directly in Nepal. For the preparation of intervention they have given large no. of weapons to old state. Not only that their so called ambassador of Nepal issued a press statement and gave threaten to the political parties to stop their movement and help the king (other parliamentary political parties are also in movement against the retrogressive action of king).

All knows that Nepal is in very strategic place from each and every point of view. It is surrounded by two giants China and India. These two countries are the future super power country. As report of CIA also China, Russia and India are the countries which have the ability to be super power. Among this as CIA`s report also China will be the World Super Power country after 20-25 yrs. So, the US which is wanting to make the world semi colony and is doing the un-jucticeable wars in different parts of the country by creating terror in the name of so-called has became the great problem at present.

On the next side the leap shown by the Nepalese revolution is also becoming the great headache for the US imperialist. So, the US wants to make the political instability in Nepal and at first give military support to Nepal and finally establish a Military bases inside Nepal. They are doing these activities to smash the Nepalese revolution and to block to get victory, to encircle the China and break it or make instability from Tibet, control the whole South Asia politically, economically and other means where one fourth percent of the peoples of the world lives and smash all the peoples struggle and Revolution which is taking new height in whole south-Asia.

For this US imperialist don`t want to solve the peaceful solution of Nepal through political way. So, they are giving modern weapons, doing joint military exercise, signing so called terrorist act with old state and keeping the name of CPN Maoist in so called terrorist list in the period of dialogue. According to the sources of old state still there are more then 200 American Army experts and advisors inside Nepal. After getting full support and order of US & UK imperialism the Old state start to violate the code of conduct. Not only that at first they themselves brought the proposal to keep the Royal army in 5 km periphery but after approving it themselves denied it.

The old state was forced by US to deny to implement the decisions because if the old state implement the decisions then that will hamper the US interest and tactics. On the next side old state start to see the dream to extend their life by smashing Maoist revolutionaries. So, they fully became ready to change the role of Royal Army as told by US. So, we can say that changing of Royal Army into Royal American army in practice made the main disturbances in peaceful negotiation of Nepal.

Respecting the people´s voice and the responsibility to the nation and its people, the CPN(M) has been flexibly attempting end the conflict through the peace dialogue. However, the extreme rightist forces, some cruel figures in the RNA, the weapon Mafia, American imperialist agents and other foreign power centres are taking advantage of the unstable political situation, and not only forcing the Maoists to resume the war, but also trying to blame them for the cause of the breakdown of the ceasefire.

What will be ?

It has been crystal clear that the monkey-hiccups of the leadership of the parliamentarian forces also have become pretexts for the autocratic monarchists to linger the peace negotiation. In this context, it is important to be clear that the relevance of the new dialogue will be accounted only if they clarify their position shortly, having recognised that the revolutionary people´s democratic forces have come to today´s strong force by resisting the combined attacks of the monarchist and the parliamentarian forces in the past.

No one can believe that activities shown by the feudalist and reactionary Gov. can solve the present political crisis of Nepal through political way. There main thinking is to extend the dialogue and do preparation of war to defeat Maoist revolutionaries and Peoples liberation army by taking each and every support from US Imperialist. On the next side by being flexible and analysing the ground reality CPN Maoist came in negotiation. These can be easily clear by their negotiation team. In their team top leaders like Com. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Com. Ram Bahadur Thapa `Badal`, Com. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Com. Dev Gurung and Com. Matrika Yadav came in negotiation. All these five leaders were expert in every field. The Nepalese people were fully convinced that actually CPN Maoist are fully ready to solve the present crisis through negotiation. Their agendas were also supported from each and every political parties, workers, civil society, intellectuals. It is also important to understand why the Maoists agreed to the truce six months ago.

In this dual condition with dual state the old state did not analyse any ground reality and isn`t catching the public voice. Not only that, their main interest is to make instability in the country and bring the US troops inside country and ruling the country in fascist way and extend their ruling age some more. They themselves know that they don´t have any majority among the people and they will be swept at any time from the country if they don`t bring foreign troops inside country.

The role played by the Old state clear shows that the negotiation will not extend long more. If they finish their military exercise they themselves can break the cease fire formally although it has break the ceasefire informally by sending the Royal Army in Maoist base areas, doing joint military exercise with Us, kidnapping, killing, arresting, violating of code of conduct and refusing the execute the decisions made by 2nd round of peace talk clearly shows this.

Different organizations like United Nation, European Union, etc are standing for the peaceful solution in democratic way but their stand is just in mouth. If these organizations were ready to be negotiate then why these organizations did not gave any pressure to the King for the constituent Assembly which is not more than that of democratic exercise. Why these organisations are not ready to say that peoples of Nepal can make their own constitution by constituent assembly? They all knows that if the constituent assembly is provided then the people will get power and they will form their own government by kicking this feudal government. They are not ready to say this because if the people get power then they themselves must be swept. If the old state isn`t agree on this demand then there is no other mean to reflect the voice of Nepalese people and stop the vicious civil war through peaceful way.

The present problem of nationality, democracy and livelihood is the problem of century´s long structural crisis in the political, economic social and cultural arena, and are the contradictions of classes, nationality, regional and sexes; but no where is found on their saying and doing that the solutions of these problems are forward going political changes and progressive new constitution is the minimum necessity

If the Nepalese people and CPN Maoist don`t get any forward going political outlet at present then there is no chances to stop of continuation of Nepalese Revolution. To remove the country from this dual system also there is need of revolution also. The revolution after negotiation well swept the reactionary old state and will form completely a new state. In the course of this vicious civil war if US imperialist or any other foreign force intervene and stand against Nepalese people and their Revolution then Nepalese people will fight bravely like Vietnamese and will defeat all the imperialist and reactionary forces and get victory.