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Main speakers at the Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi 2003

25. August 2003

Middle East

PFLP, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Europe
DHKP, Revolutionary People´s Liberation Party, Turkey
Muhamad Kanaane, Abnaa el Balad, Sons of the People, Palestine
Democratic Voice, Morocco
Awni Al Kalamji, Iraqi Patriotic Coalition
Bashar Abu-Saifan, Loyalty for Men and Earth, Lebanon
Chokri Latif, Committee for the Palestinians and against Normalisation with Zionism, Tunisia
Jihad Hussein, Arab Communist Fedayin in Baghdad


Rio Mondelo, Bayan Migrante, Philippines
Anti-imperialist League, Nepal

Latin America

Maria Bencomo, National Movement Union of Independent Forces, Venezuela
Mario Mestri, Independent communist, Brazil
Elias Letelier, Poetas antiimperialistas


Peter Szekely, Left Front Workers´ Youth Alliance, Hungary
Anton Petrenko, Socialist Choice, Ukraine
Vladimir Krsljanin, Sloboda/Freedom Association, Serbia
KKE/ML, Greece
Massimiliano Mizzi, Franciscan responsible for the inter-religious dialogue of the International Franciscan Center