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Solidarity Address by Batasuna to the Anti-imperialist Camp

27. August 2003

By Iñaki Gil De San Vicente

As a participant of last year´s Anti-imperialist Camp I like to convey in my name, in the name of the Basque independentist and socialist left and especially in the name of Batasuna our support to the internationalist and anti-imperialist solidarity which is being realised in Assisi. Unfortunately the repression we have been object of makes it impossible to us to afford the participation at the Camp in Assisi. However, the Basque independentist and socialist left re-affirms its support for the gathering in Assisi and we hope that in forthcoming years we will be once again able to unite. In the same way we express our solidarity with comrade Professor J detained in Chile and we demand his immediate release without any charge against him.

Internationalist and anti-imperialist greetings to all the comrades united in Assisi from our people in struggle which is Euskal Herria
Iñaki Gil De San Vicente