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Iraqi Patriotic Communists call to fight against the occupation and its puppets of the Iraqi Communi

12. September 2003

Message from Ahmed Karim to the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi

Dear friends,

I send you my regards in the name of the Iraqi patriotic communists and wish you success and progress in your battles against US imperialism and its Zionist allies and in favour of a world, where security, stability, well fare and equal development for all the people on the earth will be granted.

I couldn´t attend the Anti-imperialist camp for reasons concerning my health, but I´m represented there through my comrade Awni Al Kalemji, who can express my positions and opinions.

We, the children of Iraq, are fighting today together as patriots to liberate our land from occupation and exploitation. This is independent from religions, nationality or political ideology. We are the daughters and the sons of the same homeland.

The American administration has been trying for years to win Iraqi groups and persons on its side, in order to achieve its aims and control Iraq and its wealth. One of these groups is the leadership of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP), which didn´t have any clear positions during the Iraqi Iranian war, the aggression on Iraq of 1991 and during the blockade. Also during the American war preparations the ICP´s position was full of ambiguities. On the one hand, they expressed dissent on the war and the sanctions on the Iraqi people, but on the other hand they have been supporting the war and the sanctions trying to use them as levers to topple the regime of Saddam Hussein. Also today they are relying on US imperialism to achieve “a better life” and to “bring down the dictatorship and establish a democratic government in Iraq”.

Following this way of thinking, the leadership of the ICP participated in the “governing counsil”, which was nominated by the American administration as a cover for the occupation. These traitors have accepted the conditions of the American governor Bremer, which contain:

…· Not to issue any publication against American imperialism

…· To accept the American control over the Iraqi imports/exports

…· Not to support the Iraqi resistance

This was published in the party news paper “Tariq el Schaab” [Way of People] and confirmed by Mufid Jazairi, a member of the political office, in his lecture in Prague. Jazairi described the Iraqi resistance as “sabotage”. Another confirmation comes from the party general secretary, who said already in the first day of the occupation that “the primary mission of the party is to fight against the rests of the regime”. This position of the party leadership is a parade example for a national betrayal and is also a betrayal of the history of the party, which was founded in 1934 as a resistance party against the imperialist British occupation. The fight against the British occupation was crowned by the revolution of 1958, whose anniversary became a national day for all the Iraqi people. The current leadership of the ICP accepted the day, on which Baghdad was occupied, as a national holiday!

We, Iraqi patriotic communists, denounce this collaborating leadership and will participate with all our efforts on the side of the all compatriots inside and outside the “Patriotic Coalition” in the fight against the occupation and for the independence and sovereignty of our country. We are also working to liberate our party from these traitors and to establish a new party leadership, which expresses the continuity of the ICP history.

The Iraqi question (that means the occupation) has international dimensions. The occupation of Iraq means a danger for the whole region and will have its consequences on the international economy through the American control on the petrol resources and the American support to Israel to expand its power in the region. The interests of imperialism and Zionism are identical. The never had have a government as directly representing the Zionist interests as the current Bush administration does. The Israeli repression and the escalating aggression against the Palestinians and the American occupation of Iraq indicate a dangerous imperialist plan, which concerns not only the region, but also the whole world. That´s why the Bush administration consider both Palestinian and Iraqi resistance as “terror”.

The American leadership, which is using the “fight against terrorism” as a cover for its aggression politics, is behaving world-wide as the centre of terror. The American policies supports and creates terrorism. The Bush administration is still refusing the calls for an international congress, which can set a definition of terrorism, discuss its back grounds and fix the criteria, according to which an action or an organisation can be termed terrorist. This would show the American lie of the “war on terror”.

The USA are committing terrorist actions in Iraq today in order to give a false image of the Iraqi resistance. We all, in Iraq, Palestine or in Indonesia, must be careful, because terrorism is an American industry, following the pattern of the thief crying: “hold the thief!”

The huge mission of the Iraqi patriots today requires the unity of all Iraqis opposing the occupation. The international dimensions of the Iraqi question entrust a big missions on the shoulders of the international progressive forces to support this resistance. Support can be expressed through:

…· Organising manifestations against the occupation

…· Conferences and political events denouncing the occupation. The Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi is a good example of this spirit.

…· Publications in all media.

…· Supplying all possible material aid, like food and medicaments.

…· The international organisation, such as the UN security council, should be called to issue resolutions against the American occupation.

…· Public pressure on the governments, in order to hinder them sending troops to Iraq. This last point is very important today, where the moral of the American troops in Iraq is declining dramatically.

We appeal to the states of the European Union not to deploy troops to Iraq, and to refuse any material or political help for the occupation.

The history has put on the shoulders of the Iraqis the mission to defeat the monopoly policies of the USA. For that we need your participation and support. We are sure you wouldn´t leave the Iraqis to be the first victim of the US empire”.

In this spirit I send my best regards to all participants and organisers of the Anti-imperialist Camp and wish you much success.

The Kurdish Iraqi citizen
Ahmed Karim