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Iraqi Patriotic Communists call to join the resistance

12. September 2003

Ahmad Karim´s message to the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi

In his massage faxed to the Anti-imperialist Camp held in Assisi, Ahmad Karim, the leader of the patriotic current of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) supports the call of the Anti-imperialist Camp and criticises the official leadership of the ICP for collaborating with the occupation.

Karim, a Kurdish Iraqi, is a leading member of the “Iraqi Patriotic Coalition”. He explains in his message how the ICP´s leadership didn´t have any clear position during the Iraq-Iran war, on the aggression of 1991 against Iraq and during the sanctions. He denounced the position of the official leadership of the ICP regarding the war and occupation as a perspective to topple the regime and establish a “democratic government” in Iraq. He considers that position as a national betrayal against the Iraqi people and in contradiction to the history of the ICP, which was founded in 1934 as a part of the anti-colonial movement against the British occupation. The current leadership of the ICP is supporting the occupation participating in the “Gouverning Council” and denouncing the Iraqi resistance as “sabotage”.

Karim expresses his support to the Iraqi resistance as the sole way to liberate Iraq and to build a democratic system. He denounces the USA as “the centre of terrorism” and considers the fight of the Iraqi resistance as the fight of the whole world against the US imperialism and its Zionist allies. He demands international political and material support by all progressive movements and persons to the Iraqi resistance.

Karim sends his regards to all participants and organisers of the Anti-imperialist Camp. His message ends with “The history has put on the Iraqi people the mission of defeating the monopoly politics of the USA. We appeal for your support and participation with all possible means. We are sure you wouldn´t leave the Iraqis to be the first victim of the US monopole”.