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For a free and sovereign Venezuela

16. September 2003

Resolution of the Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 2003

For a free and sovereign Venezuela
We must not fail, to vacillate means to loose, united we will be invincible

Imperialism, first of all represented by the US as its hegemonic power, strives for total control of the globe by operations stretching all over the world. Its attempts are supported by collaborators like Israeli Zionism, conservative Franquism in the Spanish state and the para-military Colombian government of Ílvaro Uribe Và©lez who is executing the policy of the Empire in Latin America. One of its major concerns is the control of the energy resources basically petrol.

In Iraq it was not enough for the imperialists to apply the instruments of low intensity warfare but they had to intervene directly using its entire bellicose might in order to strengthen the geo-strategic control over the Arab world and its oil resources under the guise of the “war on terror”.

For Latin America the imperialist strategy of geo-strategic control and re-colonisation is being advanced by means of the ALCA, the Plan Colombia, the Plan Puebla Panamá and the Andean Initiative which include new military bases.

However, Latin America is not only and important theatre for imperialist intervention but represents at the same time a risk as new anti-imperialist struggles are emerging: There is the popular resistance movement for peace, social justice and full sovereignty in Colombia and there is the Bolivarian revolution led by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela troubling the US and their allies. In Venezuela we experience an unprecedented process of democracy with the participation of the organised people, the implementation of sovereignty and self-determination of the people and the struggle against the racial discrimination.

The Bolivarian revolution is waking up the popular movements of Latin America and the Caribbean. The hopes of the excluded of the continent fly high. Therefore the US together with the anti-patriotic, fascist and terrorist oligarchy is planning a counterrevolutionary attack on the people and its Bolivarian revolution. Examples for these attempts are the aborted coup d´à©tat of April 12, 2002, as well as the prolonged petrol revolt from December 2, 2002 to February 2, 2003, conducted and financed by the American Empire.

In order to stop the Bolivarian process the Venezuelan oligarchy is preparing the ground for the direct interference of North American imperialism, covered by multilateral mechanisms and organisations.

The Venezuelan people is struggling for democracy based on popular power, for social justice and national liberation and is ready to resist with its Bolivarian government, its popular and revolutionary organisations and will not hesitate to take up arms against the attacks to destroy its conquests.

Against the attempts to discredit the Bolivarian process led by Hugo Chávez, to isolate it in the international arena it is necessary to initiate an anti-imperialist campaign of counter-information and solidarity. We need to create and strengthen a broad anti-imperialist front against the comprehensive strategy of intervention and dominion of the American Empire.

The Anti-imperialist Camp and the organisations from different countries and continents gathered here in Assisi express their solidarity with the Venezuelan people resisting against the imperialist intervention and striving for national self-determination, full sovereignty and social liberation.

The fatherland is America and it is ours!