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No to Troops for Iraq!

6. October 2003

by Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA)

CCOMPOSA´s Call to the Indian People and Jawans:

No to Troops for Iraq!
No to Blood-Money from Iraqi Contracts!!

It is a clear-cut business deal: Blood of Indian Jawans for lucrative Iraqi contracts to India´s big comprador houses. The brokers in the secret contract: the Government of India. The Commission Agents: top Indian Bureaucrats of the Brajesh Mishra kind. Reason for non-implementation of the deal: opposition from the people of India and fear due to the heroic Iraqi resistance. Aim of the deal: making Iraq …‘safe´ for US occupation. Purpose of the Occupation: Loot of the huge oil reserves in Iraq by the US gangsters. Benefits to India: Lives of India´s Jawans, nothing for the masses; gigantic profits to India´s big-business and fat commissions to Indian politicians and bureaucrats. Side …‘benefits´: Indian ruling-classes drawn even deeper into the US-Israeli military Axis; Indian troops as cannon-fodder for US wars.


Each day the US toll of troops in Iraq grows. Puppet Iraqi forces and the puppet …‘Council´ face death for collaboration with the aggressors. The US government is desperate. Their troops in Iraq are panic-stricken. Hundreds already killed and thousands wounded in just the past three months after the so-called war ended. So nervous are the US troops that they have killed many of their own Iraqi puppet police thinking they were of the Iraqi Resistance. They don´t know from where the next bullet will hit their head; or where the next bomb will explode under their heavy armoured vehicles. In the terrible Arab summer heat, and packed in protective suits, the bulk of the US soldiers are sick and a nervous wreck. Iraq is fast turning into America´s modern Vietnam. The Iraqi Resistance is gaining strength; the US/British forces are loosing confidence. US arrogance of its military might has been punctured …— proved to be a giant with feet of clay.
And into this scenario enters the demand for Indian and Pakistani troops …— to do the US´s dirty job in Iraq. Since July immense pressure continues to be mounted on sending troops. Top Indian officials, politicians and Army Chiefs had capitulated getting ready the 17,000 troops of the 6th Division at Bareilly for the job. But, due to mounting pressure from the Indian people, and fear of its repercussions in the forthcoming elections, they have temporarily retreated. But while doing so they ask for the mere fig-leaf of the UN to OK further the intervention of Indian troops in the name of UN peace-keeping forces. Now, they bargain Indian troops for US pressure on Pakistan. For Pakistan the US has offered a direct bribe for troops …— to write off $200 million of its debt in exchange for troops.
Indian troops have a notorious record of already being used in 37 out of the 56 so-called peace-keeping operations so far. One Indian soldier was recently killed on Kosovo. Besides, the Indian Government has already over 1000 civilians serving the US army in Iraq as chefs, kitchen assistants, service assistants, camp supervisors, accountants, drivers, etc. These were recruited in the midst of the war from Mumbai, and were air-lifted to Iraq in July to continue their services to the US army. This, in effect, amounts to Indians serving the US aggression and occupation of Iraq. The Indian ruler´s hands are already wet with Iraqi blood!!


India´s comprador vultures will sell the country and its people/jawans for a fist full of dollars. There is no limit to their greed. The death of hundreds of jawans in return for vast profits is of no concern to them. Earlier too in their bid to capture the Sri Lankan market they sent over 1,200 Indian jawans to their death. They will do this again. In fact it is these powerful comprador stooges who are the most vociferous drum-beaters of the US establishment to send troops to Iraq. This is no wonder, as they have already lined up outside US offices with the begging bowl.
Till today not a single country in the world has sent any business delegation to Iraq. It is only the Indian compradors that sent a high-level business delegation of 30 members of the Ficci (one of India´s top big-business associations) to Iraq in the first week of August 2003. Through this visit the US bosses there granted them a renewal of the Rs.300 crore deal of oil-for-food. But these vultures demanded of the government that this be used, not in the form of wheat as was earlier decided (so what if Iraqis starve), but in the form of commodities manufactured by them …— computers, photocopiers, medical disposals, etc. In addition, during this trip, five companies finalized contracts with the US and puppet administration present in Iraq. They suggested further deals in banking in Iraq, warehousing, education, and rebate trade.
But even before this, India´s big-business houses had signed similar lucrative deals. Hardly had the bombs stopped dropping when the Indian Oil giants went scurrying to Iraq: Reliance signed a contract to purchase one million tones of crude this year; IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) was granted the import of 3 million tones next year; and BPCL is now importing 1.4 million barrels of Iraqi Basra Light Crude Oil during Sept-Dec. 2003. These were small contracts (by US standards) awarded in lieu of pressure to be exerted for Indian troops. A blood for oil contract!!! No doubt, they will be extended primarily for creating a pressure lobby for Indian troops.

Oppose US-India Covert Operations In Nepal

The plan to send troops to Iraq is nothing but a continuation of the policy of the Indian rulers´ increasing servility towards the US imperialist-Zionist Axis. Today US and Indian officers are already operating in Nepal, training the Royal Nepal Army on how to kill the Maoists. The growing US-Zionist-Indian Axis portents great dangers to the people of the world, particularly those in South Asia.
This was reflected by the visit to India of the Zionist genocidal killer, Ariel Sharon; and immediately followed by the visit to India of US Assistant Secretary of State, Christina Rocca in Sept.2003. The Indian rulers signed huge defence deals with Israel, which is over and above the already existing $2 billion deals that have taken place. Israel is becoming the biggest arms supplier to India. Simultaneously, US military collaboration has taken huge steps forward in the course of the last two years. For the first time ever in September this year war exercises were conducted jointly between the US and Indian Specian Forces in the sensitive Leh region, near the Chinese border. This was a follow up to the counter-insurgency joint war exercises conducted in April by the Special Forces of the two countries at the Indian Army´s Jungle Warfare School in the North-East. Joint naval operations have now been going on for over a year in the Straits of Malacca.
The US forces are also secretly operating in Nepal. While making a pretense of supporting the peace talks they actually egged on the Army into military actions. As a result, even while the third round of talks were going on, the Army gunned down 19 (17 Maoist unarmed cadres and 3 civilians). CCOMPOSA appeals to the people of South Asia, and particularly of India, to demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from the soil of Nepal.

Peoples Of South Asia unite against the growing US-Indian Axis

The growing US-India axis is geared to serve US hegemonic interests throughout the world and particularly in South Asia. Christina Rocca in her recent trip to India openly called for closer India-US collaboration against the LTTE in Sri Lanka and the Maoists in Nepal.
Indian rulers have a particularly notorious record of using its jawans as cannon-fodder throughout the world to kill other people in the interests of the imperialists and the local compradors. So far they have sent, in the past 50 years, 65,000 forces abroad. In Sri Lanka the cruelty of the IPKF forces exceeded all norms of standard warfare. Now they plan a force against the people of Iraq in service of the US imperialists and have officers training the RNA in Nepal. Tomorrow they can and will be used against the liberation movements of other countries, particularly those of South Asia. The Hindu chauvinists that rule India today are particularly servile to the US and most willing to dance to the US-Israeli tune. All this shows that Indian sovereignty is a hoax and the rulers of this country are going deeper and deeper into the arms of the imperialist octopus.
We call upon the people of South Asia and particularly of India to fight back this growing capitulation to the US; oppose the sending of troops to Iraq no matter what the UN fig-leaf authorizes; we particularly call upon the jawans of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to resist deployment in Iraq or any other country of the world. People of South Asia unite to fight the growing US-India Axis against them.

…· Oppose all jawans being sent Abroad
…· Stop joint military exercises immediately
…· Recall all civilians from Iraq; scrap all contracts with the Iraqi puppet regime.
…· US hands off Iraq
…· People of South Asia support Iraqi Resistance against US Occupation
…· People of South Asia unite to oppose the US-India conspiracy against the on-going peoples´ wars in the sub-continent, particularly in Nepal.
…· Long live the revolutions of the various countries of South Asia

Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA)


October 1, 2003