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10 Euro per person for the Iraqi resistance

2. November 2003

Three months have passed since emperor G. W. Bush declared the end of hostilities in Iraq. The rapid success of the US forces over the Iraqi army – due to the capitulation of the high command right at the crucial moment of the defence of Baghdad – made the Anglo-Americans believe to have achieved a total victory. Taking over Baghdad they made of the words of the information minister. Now it is our turn to expose their arrogance to ridicule.

Not even finished, the war started again. Only a few days after the collapse of the Iraqi army guerrilla forces began attacking the mercenaries of the occupation forces. They keep inflicting them losses which are of high political and morale value. Among the US bionic soldiers fear is spreading. As Beirut and Mogadishu already have proved, high tech equipment is not enough to win a war.

Already hundreds of fighters are involved in the armed resistance movement and the tide keeps rising. Despite the media`s attempts to discredit the guerrillas it is evident that they got ample popular support. Children are exulting in front of destroyed US vehicles, while the occupiers thought that they would be waved with stars and stripes banners.

Now they find themselves in a quagmire which could tern into a new Vietnam. However, for the oppressed peoples the resistance is a dream. They hope that one day the occupants will be forced to leave not only from Iraq. We share this hope and want to support it with our militant solidarity.

We therefore invite all the anti-imperialists who oppose the American Empire without any ideological and religious precondition to start an international collection of funds supporting the Iraqi national resistance movement: we ask every person to donate 10 euros. The Iraqi national resistance front in formation will decide upon their utilisation.

Committees, political, social and cultural organisations as well as individuals who endorse this proposal are asked to contact us. Our aim is to build an international popular campaign in support of the Iraqi resistance which also implies the creation of the appropriate international body.

For information and adhesion to that campaign please contact us.

Pls. transfer your donation with the keyword “Iraq” to:

IBAN AT646000000092125137