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Press Conference: Mumbai Resistance – 2004

8. November 2003

November 10, 2003, Mumbai

Mumbai Resistance – 2004
Against imperialist Globalization and War

Press Conference:
Venue: Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Azad Maidan, C.S.T., Mumbai.
Date : November 10, 2003 (Monday)
Time : 3pm to 4pm

We request you to send a reporter and a photographer to cover the proceedings.

MR-2004 is an event, scheduled for January 17-20, 2004 and will run parallel to the World Social Forum (WSF) Mumbai programme. It is an International event, part of the process of building a strong anti-imperialist movement worldwide, that seeks to take the people of the world, including those attending the WSF, beyond the limits of “reflective thinking and debate” towards organised resistance against imperialist globalization and wars. MR-2004 considers itself as a continuation of the militant traditions set in the anti-globalization and anti-war movements that assumed a new intensity after Seattle.
MR-2004 is not an alternate to the WSF conference to be held in Mumbai. MR-2004 represents the mainstream of the anti-imperialist movements within the country. Its constituents include revolutionary people´s organizations.
MR-2004 has a clear and unambiguous anti-imperialist focus and seeks to unite those who are genuinely opposed to imperialist globalization and wars of aggression. Through a process of sharing experiences and analysing imperialist strategies, MR-2004 aims at developing a perspective that will unite all struggling forces irrespective of the forms of struggle they may choose and the movement forward to confront and ultimately defeat Imperialism.
We are holding a National meeting of the constituents of MR-2004 on November 8/9, 2003 after which we will announce our decisions and plan of action. The Press Conference will be addressed by the National leaders of MR-2004.