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USA: Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee calls for Solidarity with the National Liberation of Iraq

20. November 2003

Solidarity with the National Liberation of Iraq!!!

On Behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA), we endorse this statement, may the Liberation of Iraq be a foco point for class resistance within the US, may it lead to the defeat of the Zionist Entity, and the purging of all American Chauvenism and Zionist Capitulation from the Internationalist Leftists Forces in the US, for class war in the “belly of the beast”. We call on the US working class to stand shoulder to shoulder with the masses of Iraq in their death-defying show down with US/UK imperialism and Zionism, and for the total liberation of the Iraq people from the scorn of Occupation. It is clear as noonsday, that this an hour of put-up or shut-up for those who espouse the just cause of anti-imperialist class struggle. We unconditionally oppose the US/EU so-called “terrorism” black-listings, of liberation fighters, such as those in Palestine, and Southern Lebanon, oppose the demonization of Arabs, Muslims, Southeast Asians, and all other oppressed groups in the US. We call for an international Axis of Resistance against US/UK Imperialism and Zionism, a popular movement for solidarity with the socialist camp such as Korean and Cuba, unconditional solidarity with their leadership, solidarity with national liberation struggles, including armed struggle in the periphery, and solidarity with class war and national liberation political prisoners, including those in the United States.
We are the working class laboring sons and daughters of the great Martyr Comrade John Brown, who by force of arms, raided the hated slave plantation of the south in order to rid the US of race-slavery. We stand for the rights of nations to self-determination, in and for the dictatorship of the proletariate in the US.

Through various other names, we have made some level of contact with the Anti-Imperialist Camp in Italy, and would like to build still further bonds by endorsing this effort and carrying it forward in the US, regardless of the potential for repression. This is a non-negotiable matter of principle, and a battle of historic geo-political significance, a battle that must be won!

Victory to Iraq!!
Death to US Imperialism and it`s GI Mercanary Goons!
Long Live Palestine, FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!!
Death to the Zionist Entity

Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committe (USA)
The Real Little Beirut