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Support to Iraqi resistance against US imperialism in Greece

6. December 2003

Dec 13: Paralell action in Rome, Athens and Thessaloniki

13 December
Events to support Iraqi resistance and condemn US imperialism in Greece

Dear friends and comrades

We have been thoroughly discussing the issue of the war in Iraq during our meetings and communication during the past months. We have all agreed in condemning the imperialist raid against the Iraqi people and stressed that the US imperialist aggression against all peoples will continue. We have, therefore, concluded that the struggle against US imperialism is of primary importance for all peoples in the world and that the effort of all left, progressive, revolutionary forces should focus on this issue.
We have also agreed on the major significance of the resistance of the Iraqi people. Their struggle is very important to all peoples, as they have achieved in creating serious problems to US imperialists and their “willing” allies. Their struggle encourages all peoples to fight even more decisively against their greatest enemy.

In our opinion, it is the duty of all people and forces that oppose US imperialist aggression to stand in solidarity to the Iraqi resistance, to give a militant answer to the imperialist propaganda which tries to present the Iraqi fighters as terrorists.

The best way to express this solidarity is to promote the Iraqi resistance to the masses, to inform them, to create political events that will encourage them, will help them express their support to the Iraqi resistance and thus join the anti-imperialist, anti-war movement.

The people in our country, Greece, have no doubt that the Iraqi people fight a fair, patriotic war against the occupation. Last month we were happy to have with us a representative of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance. Events and meetings were organized across the country and the participation of people was significant. This proved once more that the Greek people supports the Iraqi resistance and is not disoriented by US propaganda.

Our next move is very important to us and, we hope, to the movement. We are organizing open events in Athens and Thessaloniki on 13 December in favour of the Iraqi resistance and against US imperialism.

We picked this date because we felt it would be important to hold this event on the same day as the demonstration in Rome prepared by Campo Antiimperialista. And we were very happy to hear that another event is taking place on the same day in England at the military base in Menwith Hill.

We think that it is very important that there are already these events in three countries on the same day. We would, therefore, like to send our warmest message of solidarity and support to the demonstration in Rome and to the event in Menwith Hill. And we would like to hear from you all. Your own messages of solidarity and support to our events in Greece will be very important to us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

In solidarity