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Solidarity address to Iraqi resistance demo in Rome Dec 13

9. December 2003

Albayan Althawri (Revolutionary Manifesto) – Iraq

In Solidarity With Anti-imperialist Camp

Dear Friends and Comrades,

We in the “Albayan Althawri” (Iraqi Anti-imperialist opposition) would like to express our strong support to your efforts aiming at the unification of all anti-imperialist forces in order to combat imperialism and its lackeys all over the world.

Anglo-American imperialism has started a vicious wave of attacks never seen before in terms of its disregard to people´s will. The illegitimate occupation of Iraq is a clear example of this wave of attacks that also included Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Haiti, Somalia and many other countries. These attacks demonstrate how criminal imperialism is, and shows the contempt for human life under the law of jungle applied by Anglo-American imperialists.

We believe that this massive attack requires us to unify our forces to counter-attack and defend our peoples. Moreover, we also believe that secondary differences between all anti-imperialist forces should be marginalized for the time being, and all must focus on the main task of our time, which is fighting Anglo-American Imperialism. In addition, we consider international solidarity between peoples of different countries as a crucial factor in the battle of freedom, and we are trying our best to strengthen the relations between our people in Iraq with all other nations.

Imperialists as we all know decided to occupy Iraq regardless of their own peoples´ objection who demonstrated in millions. They were influenced by their agents within the Iraqi opposition (now the US appointed Governing Council) and thought that the people of Iraq would receive them with roses, on the contrary we all see how strong the resistance is and how imperialism is suffering from painful blows on a daily basis. Anglo-American imperialists thought that they can occupy Iraq, plunder its wealth, and build military basis to launch attacks on other countries without any obstacles. However, to their disappointment our people´s resistance is intensifying day-by-day and expanding from area to area as well as developing in the quality of attacks. This resistance will encourage other nations to start combating imperialism, and will show how people´s will is stronger than the imperialist war machine.

Again comrades and friends, we would like to salute you and all those who heard George Bush when he said “either with us or against us” and chose to be against him and his accomplices!