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“Greek people solidly on the side of Iraq”

18. December 2003

Athens, 15/12/2003

Solidarity to the Iraqi resistance
for the defeat of the occupation forces

The demonstration on Saturday 13th of December and the subsequent march through the streets of Athens, was a small but decisive step in the direction of what has to follow in order that the people of this country are able to express their solidarity to the Iraqi people.

No one doubts that the working people and the youth of Greece remain solidly on the side of the people in Iraqi, as well as on the side of all the peoples who resist imperialism, with first and foremost those who resist USA, humanity´s biggest enemy. The fortnightly campaign, as well as the meetings which preceded the demonstration and had taken place in several major cities and in which featured a speaker who was a member of the Iraqi resistance, had already shown the people´s will to continue their support to the struggle of the Iraqi people. The American and British occupation forces in Iraq, can and should be defeated. This is for the benefit of all the peoples of the world, who are now openly threatened by the American imperialists.

Today the struggle of Iraqi people is the struggle of the masses in every corner of the planet against the U.S. war campaign, against the slaughtering and the crush of the people´s rights and resistances. In these conditions, the heroic struggle which is constantly carried out by the Iraqi people, with many sacrifices so far, acquires a significance and it, thus, becomes the duty of us all to actively mobilize ourselves against the tyrants of our times, against imperialist barbarism and the dirty wars caused by it.

The Solidarity Initiative to the Iraqi Resistance salutes the activists, workers, young people, intellectuals, who actively sided on the side of the people of Iraq, a people who is currently severely tried, whilst suffering the excruciating consequences of occupation. It also salutes all the members of trade unions and all the movements and which are active in many neighbours of this city, as well as many academic departments with sided with us, demonstrating their own anger. Our duty is to extend these endeavours, whilst we also try to strengthen them, so that our people´s solidarity becomes more effective. At the same time, we should also be a part of the common action of all the anti-war and anti-imperialist movements, who are active throughout the country, as well as coordinate our solidarity to the Iraqi resistance with all the democratic anti-imperialist forces in every part of the planet.

Solidarity Initiative to Iraqi Resistance