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Unify the anti-imperialists around the Iraqi resistance

1. January 2004

Proposals with regard to the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India

The Anti-imperialist Camp has been supporting the idea of building an independent anti-imperialist pole in order to unify the anti-imperialist forces but to reach out at the same time for dialogue to the amorphous anti globalisation movement which – at least in the Western world – is the main opposition to imperialism though not a consequent one. By constituting ourselves on a common political line and common actions we will be able to enter into dialogue. The opportunist argument that we “should be inside” does not count. Only a subject independent from the World Social Forum we will be able to dialogue.

The main question is which is the unifying point of the world anti-imperialist movement? We believe there is a clear answer:

The decisive question is the Iraqi resistance against US occupation which decides whether the US designs to erect a world empire will be smashed or not. In Iraq the US imperialists have committed a strategic error due to the delirium of omnipotence they are affected of. It will not be easy to deliver a scattering blow to the US but it is definitely possible. A defeat would not only weaken the US global predominance but the imperialist system all together of which they are the main pillar. The revolutionary liberation movements would be pushed to overcome their defensive situation and a period similar to that opened by the victory in Vietnam might be in front of us.

That does not mean that we underestimate the importance of the struggles fought in other places first of all in Palestine (which is inextricable linked to the Iraqi question). There is also India, Colombia, the Philippines and many other places of anti-imperialist struggles. They will be presented and discussed in Mumbai. Solidarity will be given. But they cannot serve as the unifying matter of our world movement. This is the difference.

The Iraqi resistance is the main question also in the anti globalisation and anti war movement. Unfortunately this movement has not been able to take a clear and unequivocal stand on the side of the resistance as it was not willing to do so during the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, the attack on Afghanistan or with regard to the Palestinian Intifada.

The arguments are numerous, various and shaded. But in the final instance they all boil down to the refusal of armed revolutionary struggle against imperialism. By invoking the illusions of “civil society” and the UNO (which is responsible for the genocide against the Iraqi people caused by the embargo) they eventually cover up imperialism as they do neglect the only force able to mount decisive resistance – the popular masses. Bush´ Christian fundamentalist crusade is accompanied by the Illuminist crusade against the concrete resistance being perceived as barbarous. Islam is being declared to the common enemy of right and left.

There is also a “Marxist” variant of that argument. Movements which pay allegiance to Islam are considered to be reactionary regardless whether they fight imperialism or serve him. Thus the concrete popular resistance in Palestine and Iraq which as a matter of fact includes a strong Islamic component is refused. Whether painted in Marxist or progressist colours these “Leftist” forces find themselves very close to the “neutralist” tendencies within the anti-globalisation movement.

To support the Iraqi resistance does indeed mean to support all popular forces fighting the occupation including by means of armed struggle. A resistance front will range from Arab and Iraqi nationalists (including Baathists), Islamists of several brands and communists. The international revolutionary anti-imperialist movement can and must lend its support to the revolutionary fractions but it cannot exclude Islamists and Nationalists from the resistance front. On the contrary only if the revolutionary forces are able to forge such a broad popular front including all popular forces really mounting resistance victory will be possible.

Three concrete proposals:

1) Campaign for raising funds

As the immediate step we propose an int´l campaign to raise funds for the incipient Iraqi resistance front. The purpose is, however, not so much the money but the political impact. By publicly donating money one affirms the legitimacy of the resistance and opposes the defamation of “terrorism” spoken out against the resistance.

2) Solidarity delegation

The political platform should be broad (“Against the occupation” referring to the platform of the int´l day of action on March 20) in order to include a many people as possible which is in fact the only possible protection. However, to move in Iraq there are only two possibilities: either under the tutelage of the occupiers or together with the resistance though in its public, political form. Thus the delegation poses a historical question in a very concrete way. And the answer is clear – to be against the occupation means necessarily to be on the side of the resistance. That is exactly the anti-imperialist message.
In the delegation we would like to unify representatives from all the counties who are accomplices of the Anglo-American imperialists like Spain, Italy, Japan and those counties under pressure like South Korea, India, Pakistan etc.

3) Int´l congress

With the resistance taking also political shape as a National Resistance Front it is the task of the anti-imperialist forces to prepare the recognition of the front as the only legitimate representative of the county. In this sense we propose to organise such an int´l congress with the participation of all the forces throughout the world supporting the resistance.

We submit these proposals in order to pave the way for a co-operation of the anti-imperialist forces. This is the way to overcame the pacifist, reformist and “civilist” stance of the anti-globalisation movement which until now guards a certain hegemony.