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Iraqi Resistance Front and Democratic Constituent Assembly

6. January 2004

There is a decisive historic step in front of us: the proclamation of the Resistance Front. If the front is able to develop into a counter-government, an alternative power, this would mean a shaking blow to the attempts of the US not only to control Iraq but to erect a global empire.

For the time being the “Iraqi Patriotic Alliance” (IPA) has been putting forward following agenda: a) Unity of all forces who want to drive out the occupants. b) No compromise what so ever with the occupants and their collaborators even if mediated by the UN. c) Build a democratic government.

We are in full support of that programme. However, we believe that the Resistance Front should call for a Democratic Constituent Assembly (DCA) which has been the driving slogan of so many anti-imperialist revolutions before. A democratic government is good but it leaves the question open who is going to decide upon the composition of the government. Also the US claim to install a democratic government in Iraq. Democracy as such in today´s world, where imperialism claims to be the guarantor of democracy, means nothing. The only democracy worth this name is that the people is the sovereign, the people decides upon the fate of the nation, the people exerts its unalienable right to self-determination. The DCA is the best form by which the people can exert its power. This is why imperialism were always opposed to it trying to cope with liberation struggles.

If the resistance consolidates itself politically, sooner or later imperialism and its henchmen will come up with compromises trying to offer the weakest forces of the resistance some concessions in exchange for the reaction of a puppet regime being disguised as “democratic” by a fraction of the former resistance.

Furthermore there is the problem of the Shiite clerical forces who point at the masses claiming to have their backing. But actually they have nothing else in mind as Vilayet-e Fakih like in Iran – the rule of the clerics. In Iraq this will not be possible in the same way as in Iran but if the resistance becomes too powerful the US might be ready for a compromise with them. And the clerics are already ready for it. It is only a matter of the price.

The DCA is a powerful instrument against both dangers. The popular masses are the only possible guarantor for a really independent, anti-imperialist and democratic Iraq.

Anti-imperialist Camp