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Seraiki National Party to support Mumbai Resistance 2004

29. January 2004

by Abdul Majeed Kanjoo

The recent call of the Anti-imperialist Camp for Mumbai Resistance 2004 is really appreciable and the instigation and idea is truly substantial for the oppressed nations of the region. All the four points are very close to the basic program of Seraiki National Party, because Seraiki is the most afflicted nation of the subcontinent, badly ruled by the imperialist/ capitalist of the world in 19th century.

After liberation, India very effortlessly took the path of democratization or people rule over the country. While right from the creation of Pakistan, which itself gave a safe exit to the imperialist tyrants, is being ruled by Punjab/army clique. And they are serving the purposes of imperialist/capitalist powers of the world by dictatorial imposition on the component oppressed Seraiki, Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtoon nations after the separation of Bengalis in form of the creation of Bangladesh. In 1971 Bengalis had to separate themselves from today´s
so-called Pakistan, which is in fact Punjabistan. The oppressor Punjab plus army today have in their possession the weapons of mass destructions, nuclear bomb and other enormous military hardware to endanger and blackmail whole of the peaceful world. And by this divert the attention of international community to pay attention to the voices of oppressed nations of

In this situation, occurrence of Mumbai Resistance 2004 will be a great relief for the oppressed nations of South Asia to raise their voices and be associated with the oppressed of the world and the anti-imperialist forces. Our party will fully participate whether in Mumbai or anywhere else in the world for all time to come.

Thank you again.

With warmest comradely greetings,
Abdul Majeed Kanjoo
Seraiki National Party