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Cui bono?

4. March 2004

Only the US and Israel benefit from the attacks on Shiite worshippers

As we neither have police nor intelligence apparatuses at our disposal, we are not able to detect the perpetrators of the recent attacks on Shiite worshippers in the Iraqi towns of Kerbala and Baghdad on March 2, 2004.

But one thing we know for sure: to incite a sectarian conflict and to instigate a civil war is first of all in the interest of the occupants. Thus they could split the resistance and furthermore tell the world that their military presence would be necessary to avoid further bloodshed.

Since the inception of the occupation the US and their media apparatus is talking about the alleged danger of a civil war between Shia and Sunna. This was in blatant contrast to the reality on the ground. On all level there have been signs of unity of the Arab Iraqis against the Anglo-American occupants. Ramadan was observed commonly. There were no major conflicts or even killings reported. Even those forces who strive to give the future state an Islamic imprint stress the necessity to make it acceptable for both denominations. And although the resistance forces are stronger in the Sunni milieu they have also roots within the Shiite people.

The US tries to display two completely separate “ethnic” entities. Actually Shiite and Sunni are both Arab and regard themselves first of all to be part of the Iraqi nation and secondly also of the Arab nation. While the religious denominations have historic significance and do impact on politics, it is not given that they will constitute two political entities.

This will also depend on the development of the resistance which tries by all means to unify the entire Iraqi nation against the occupants –while the occupants attempt to divide the nation to better rule it.

It is astonishing that only some weeks earlier the US had published a letter ascribed to Al-Qeada which contained a blueprint of a concept of civil war. Like in a film script the announced bombs exploded according to the rules of media warfare. Furthermore it should not go unnoticed that Al-Qeada has taken distance from the attacks and refused any involvement.

Within Iraq all relevant forces including religious leaders from both sides and first of all the resistance have denounced the attacks and blamed it on the US and Israel. Awni al-Kalemji, spokesman of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, said yesterday in a telephone interview that we are dealing with a conspiracy of the enemy. “But the imperialists will not succeed. Both Sunni and Shiite contributed to the unity of our people by massively donating blood.” And Ahmed Karim of the Iraqi Communist Democratic Current said: “There are foreign fingers implicated. Whoever perpetrated the attacks is doing it in the interest of the US with the aim to make Iraqis fight each other. But our people are aware of that danger and will not let themselves be incited.”

In Iraq there is a liberation war, not a civil war!