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Hail the Iraqi Resistance Movement against Occupation

4. March 2004

Indian Committee against the Occupation of Iraq

Protest on 20th March, 2004
Dear Friends,

A year after, the situation has entirely changed. The streets of Baghdad are turning into graves for the occupation forces. Falujah, Basra, Nasiriyah, and other cities and highways across the whole length and breadth of Central and Southern Iraq hear the sound of explosions and gunfire daily. The land is once again in a state of war. Now it is the turn of the resistance forces. The attacks seem to come from nowhere. Suddenly some one appears from nothingness, runs into the enemy and blows himself up. Police stations crumble, buildings collapse and vehicles turn into flying pieces of iron like glass blasted on the smithereens. The number of casualties continues to rise. The body count has become a regular headache for the Americans and their allies. The toll is rising rapidly.

This is Iraq after one year of occupation.

The butchers from across the Atlantic, and their British, Spanish, Italian and Polish allies from Europe, who talked of jubilation and celebrations in the streets of Baghdad after Saddam´s fall and expected welcome demonstrations, are terrified now. The music of gun rattle and the high beat of explosions are beginning to have an effect on the rap lovers. Thousands of American soldiers have deserted their ranks, Italians have recoiled, Japanese have withheld their offer to send forces for helping the occupation armies, Blair is under fire from the British masses for lying and pushing British soldiers into the US made inferno, the third world cronies are delaying decisions to send mercenaries to honour their master, and the UN and International Red Cross employees have deserted many posts and are demanding a peaceful environment to do the after war patchwork in Iraq. The US people back home are demanding an unconditional pull-back of the soldiers of the empire; the parents of young US army men have launched a “Bring Them Back Now” campaign. Enough is enough, they say. Their sons must not die for the oil barons´ and executive´s lust for profits.

The lies of the US imperialists concerning Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq have proved more than lies, an epical fraud committed criminally against the American people and the people of the world. The biggest death merchant talked of dangers and threats from the poor and the weak nations to wreak havoc on them and to bring them under its yoke. The hyena is on the prowl and no nation feels safe. Iraq became the second victim after Afghanistan in the “unending” war of worldwide conquests. The US pounced upon a people preserving one of the most ancient civilizations on earth, destroyed its economy, vandalized its heritage, and imposed the worst kind of military rule that pales even the third world bullies the people have ever had. The first rate imperialist power has the first grade high tech means of torture and of imposing its will. But humans are living and thinking beings and the people of an occupied country refuse to be slaves for long in these times. And the US tastes the bitter pill.

No sooner it declared the occupation and control over Iraq complete on May first 2003 the resistance war started picking up fast. The UN accepted the US and British control on Iraq in October. The international law prohibits the occupiers from plundering and selling the property of an occupied country but the whole of Iraqi oil wealth and other natural resources are going into the pockets of the US multinationals. The ransacking is unprecedented. The people of Iraq said: Stop using and plundering our wealth and leave our land! The occupiers refused. So, the liberation guns started booming. The world is talking about Iraq as another Vietnam in the making. The US, in fact, needs many a Vietnams because it is interfering in every country dictating its terms; it is bullying, attacking and killing. Now it is being answered, being answered in Iraq bravely and resolutely.

The Iraqi people are on one of the forefronts of war against imperialism, against brigandage, against hegemony and against “war against the people of the world.” They are on the battle lines where millions and millions around the world will be one day. The people of the world are being pushed towards this by the imperialists themselves through inhuman globalisation, interventions, and wars. The millions upon millions who oppose globalisation, who are against war and want peace, who are against plunder of the people´s resources, who yearn for a real democracy for the people, who want to be the masters of their own destiny, who want nations to live in brotherhood, sisterhood, and as a fraternity of the equals must come forward and support the courageous Iraqi people and their resistance against imperialist occupation armies. With one voice we must say: US, Get Out of Iraq!

20th March, the day the US aggressed upon Iraq, was one of the blackest days of the US history, the day the US rulers stamped another black spot on the walls of the White House, which already is more black than white. At the same time, it is a day which will be remembered by the world people they had never wanted. Unprecedented anti-US protests had preceded this day, saying, No to War on Iraq; No Blood For Oil; US, Hands Off Iraq! The world had never seen such massive protests ever before. The people of the world crossed all barriers and got united on a single point. On March 20th, 2004 they would unite again to protest against the imperialist Occupation of Iraq.

The Committee Against the Occupation of Iraq appeals to the people of India to unite together to join the worldwide protests against US imperialism and its allies to force them to leave Iraq.

Come forward! Let us join our ranks. Let us hail the resistance struggle of the Iraqi people. Let us join together and register our protest saying,

Hail the Iraqi People´s Resistance Struggle!

End the Occupation of Iraq!

Put an End to the War Against the Peoples and nations of the World!

Smash the US imperialism!


March 1, 2004.
20th March Committee Against Imperialist Occupation of Iraq

20th March Committee was formed on 21 January 2004 after dissolving the Organising Committee of Mumbai Resistance 2004 Against Imperialist Globalisation and War to organise the protest demonstrations all over India on 20th March, the day on which America attacked Iraq to occupy the country. A call to protest on 20th March against the occupation of Iraq was given through Mumbai Declaration which was passed by 311 organisations which participated in MR 2004.