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Liberate the truth!

15. April 2004

April 10: demonstration in Perugia to liberate the five imprisoned anti-imperialists

Liberate the truth

On Saturday April 10, several hundred people gathered at the Partisan´s Square in Perugia (Italy) to protest against the arrest of three activists of the Anti-Imperialist Camp and two of the Turkish-Kurdish DHKC. Carrying banners reading “Liberate the truth” and “Free Moreno, Maria Grazia, Alessia, Zeynep, Avni”, several political organisations and activists denounced the severe restrictions of the democratic liberties namely the right to free expression and association.

With the Iraqi resistance. Freedom for the arrested comrades

The first speaker was Eros Francescangeli of the Anti-Imperialist Camp who denounced the monstrosity of the accusations which led to the police operation of April 1. Next was Luca Frisullo, the father of the recently deceased well-known leader of then Italian pro-Kurdish movement. As a former partisan he remembered that Moreno fell victim to the same logic which brought Dino behind bars in Turkey only for having expressed solidarity with the DHKC.

Leonardo Mazzei, spokesperson of the Italian Committees Free Iraq

Leonardo Mazzei speaking on behalf of the Committees “Free Iraq” emphasised that the Anti-Imperialist Camp has been repressed for supporting the Iraqi resistance. Aldo Bernadini, professor for international law, explained that the arrests violated both the constitution which stipulates the right to free expression as well as international law which stipulates the right to resistance.

The speaker of the DHKC exposed the systematic repression of the Turkish government against the democratic and the inhuman conditions against which the political prisoners are continuing their struggle. Willi Langthaler of the Austrian section of the Anti-Imperialist Camp read some of the numerous solidarity messages and reported from the protest rallies which took place in Austria, Belgium and Mexico so far.

To the tunes of “Bella Ciao”, an old partisan hymn, the demonstration occupied a large roundabout bringing the traffic to an halt.

Further speeches were delivered by Mauro Pasquinelli, the brother of Moreno, Alessandro Leoni of the Party of Communist Refoundation (Ernesto wing of Tuscany) and Francesco Giuntoli for the Confederation of Communists.

On the occupied square