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From archbishop to film director

22. April 2004

Italian MPs and dignitaries demand the liberation of the arrested anti-imperialists

Most prominent advocates for the liberation of the arrested anti-imperialists are the archbishop of Umbria and the internationally renown film director Michelangelo Antonioni.

Archbishop Giuseppe Chiaretti, who used to know Moreno since his childhood when he was priest in Pigge di Trevi, publicly declared that he is opposed to the political demonisation of Moreno. Michelangelo Antonioni on his part has stated that “Moreno is not the sinister accomplice of terrorists like the press is painting him, but in dealing with us he was always a person of high human values, caring about the problems of the world, inspired by the ethics of solidarity with the humiliated, the needy and the persecuted. Therefore we want to express our solidarity to Moreno and his ideals which are those of many and indeed are no guilt.”

Meanwhile there was also a parliamentary inquiry requested by two MPs of the Green Party, Mauro Bulgarelli and Paolo Cento, directed to the ministry of justice and the ministry of interior. They called the indictment an “exaggeration” and pointed out that there is no serious evidence for any involvement in terrorist activities. They questioned why in all the other countries of the European Union where the operation took place the arrested had to be released soon while in Italy they are kept in isolation confinement.

MP Katia Bellillo of the Party of Italian Communists (PdCI) also filed a parliamentary inquiry. Stating that the Anti-imperialist Camp is well known for its “numerous activities (conventions, conferences, demonstrations) often radical and controversially discussed” she insisted that all these activities have been “always public and strictly within the frame of legality”. In the inquiry she urged the juridical authorities to comply with the constitutional guarantees for the democratic liberties: “Dissent must not be repressed.”

Katia Bellillo and Graziella Mascia, MPs of the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC), visited the female arrested anti-imperialists in prison while the male ones are still kept in strict isolation.

Even ferocious enemies of the Anti-imperialist Camp and its spokesman signalled their opposition to the repressive move of the authorities. Luigi Andreani, member of the government of the region of Umbria for the Christian Democrats (UDC), showed personal esteem “for a man which I know for thirty years and of whom I always appreciated his loyalty and his pride. Even if we belong to opposed political camps I feel the duty to express my human solidarity to Moreno.”

And the leader of the fraction of “Forza Italia” (Berlusconi´s formation) in the communal council of Foligno, Umbria, the advocate Stefano Zuccarini, is quoted as saying: “Really, it is hard for me to believe that Moreno should be a terrorist of al-Qa…‘ida, as a diehard communist like him would not have a long life under an Islamic regime.”

The two mayors of the communities where Moreno Pasquinelli not only lived but is a well-known and respected figure (for Trevi, Giuliano Nalli of the Left Democrats and for Campello sul Clitunno, Domizio Natali of the Party of Italian Communists) expressed their condemnation of the unfounded accusations and called for the immediate release of the detained. For April 26 the communal council of Trevi has scheduled a debate on a resolution insisting that its citizen Pasquinelli is not a terrorist. It is to be expected that the petition will pass.

A local committee “Free them immediately” was formed, organising popular protest actions. Several hundred people have signed a protest petition, including some thirty dignitaries:

Michelangelo Antonioni, film director
Enrica Antonioni, film director
Giuseppe Chiaretti, archbishop of Perugia
Fabrizio Bracco, secretary of the Left Democrats (DS) for Umbria
Katia Bellillo, MP for the Party of Italian Communists (PdCI) and ex minister of the precedent centre left government
Vincenzo Riommi, councillor for finance and personal of the regional government of Umbria
Giuliano Nalli, mayor of Trevi, Umbria, Left Democrats (DS)
Domizio Natali, mayor of Campello sul Clitunno, Umbria, Party of Italian Communists (PdCI)
Roberto Segatori, lecturer in political science of the university of Perugia
Fabio Bettoni, councillor for culture of Foligno, Umbria
Luigi Andreani, centre right member of the regional parliament of Umbria
Maurizio Donati, liberal “Italia dei Valori” member of the regional parliament of Umbria
Pierdomenico Andreani, “Alleanza Nazionale” co-ordinator of Trevi, Umbria
Ambretta Ciccolari Micaldi, communal councillor of the “Left Democrats” (DS) in Foligno, Umbria
Simonetta Scarabottini, communal councillor of the “Left Democrats” (DS) in Campello sul Clitunno, Umbria
Giuseppe Ranucci, president “Acqua e Gas”, Foligno, Umbria
Walter Fusi, didactic primary school director, Foligno, Umbria
Cesare Migliozzi, communal councillor in Foligno, Umbria
Ulderico Sbarra, regional secretary of the trade union CISL, Umbria
Renato Covino, lecturer of the university of Perugia
Germini Fabrizio, doctor of Maria Grazia Ardizzone
Carmela Sergi Lo Giudice, functionary in the ministry of education
et al.