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Bogus case of political witch hunt

23. April 2004

Update on the 4 alleged Iraqi resistance supporters arrested in Sweden

by Lars Akerhaug, Norway, April 22, 2004

The news reports are really confusing, but it is clear that there is one 25-year old, one 24-year old, one 35-year old and one 29-year old. The 29-year old is identified in Aftonbladet as Iraqi. The 24-year old is Kurdish. Two have requested Kurdish translators, one Arabic and one has not yet requested translation.

All the four seem to have ordinary jobs. The 24-year old is reportedly a falafel seller and Aftonbladet`s sources have claimed him as negative towards suicide bombs in Iraq, religious but not especially so.

The charges against the four are kept secret, their identities also. The author Jan Guilou today called the case “worse than the witch processes”.

From the reports, I would not rule out the possibilities for this being a totally bogus case, and that maybe all or some have no relation even to legitimate resistance. That they are innocent of preparing terrorist attacks in Sweden or being a terrorist cell is already quite obvious.