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The right to resist imperialism in inalienable

20. May 2004

Explanation to the call “International day of action for the Iraqi Resistance” September 25, 2004

In reaction to some critics who claim that the call for action for the Iraqi resistance would link its legitimacy to international law we state:

The right to national self-determination and to resist imperialist oppression is inalienable. It stems from the elementary democratic conception that any human being is entitled to the same rights. The right to resist aggression and occupation is a basic ethical right, its legitimacy stems from this fact and nobody ever can abrogate it – let alone international law.

However, international law was designed in a period where imperialist power was somewhat limited in comparison to today by the liberation struggles of the oppressed nations and their popular masses. Therefore it stipulates the right to national sovereignty and armed self-defence against foreign occupation.

The US empire likes to display itself as the herald and guardian of the rule of law while it permanently violates it. We should loose no occasion to denounce this appalling hypocrisy. It is important to subvert the politico-cultural hegemony imperialism maintains at least in the Western societies.

Dr. Hisham Bustani, Socialist Thought Forum, Jordan
Willi Langthaler, Anti-imperialist Camp, Europe