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Proposals to the Palestinian Solidarity Conference

30. August 2004

Gothenburg, September 7-11, 2004

Pls. accept our wholehearted greetings to your solidarity conference with the Palestinian people. We believe that we have to join hands in our efforts in Europe and the world to defend the resistance and liberation struggle of the Arab people in general and especially the Palestinian and Iraqi one.

Beside the need to forge broader coalitions for the right to self-determination including the end of the occupation, the right to return, to stop the Apartheid wall etc., we also have to build a co-operation on a clearly anti-imperialist and revolutionary base articulating our proper positions within the broader movement.

This is mainly the historic struggle for a democratic anti-imperialist state in entire Palestine on the ruins of Zionism and its state as well as the open support to the Iraqi resistance.

To solve the crisis of the anti-globalisation movement the open siding with the resistance is the only appropriate answer. The emerging movement thought – expressed in the fantastic dreams of Toni Negri – to be able to tame savage capitalism leaving the imperialist system in place. The permanent pre-emptive war of the US to erect their global empire has put the dream to a cruel end. The movement has been forced to choose between imperialism and the anti-imperialist popular resistance – a choice over which it has been jeopardized and split. Thus is the platform we have to offer to the crisis-ridden anti-globalisation movement could serve as a life belt for its radical parts.

Asking for straight co-operation in this struggle we propose to you to join the international day of action for the Iraqi resistance scheduled for September 25 on the occasion of the anniversary of the Palestinian Intifada inextricably linking those two expressions of one and the same struggle. The call emerged as one result of the debates in the anti-imperialist gathering of Mumbai Resistance in January 2004 in India which provided for the first time an organised alternative to the World Social Forum. We want and have to go further down this road. The mobilisation in support of the Iraqi resistance should pave the way for a global anti-imperialist alliance.

Its next but one step could be the Anti-imperialist Bolivarian Camp scheduled for February 2005 in Venezuela organised by the revolutionary wing of the Chavist movement. Their declared aim is the creation of an anti-imperialist alliance – we have to follow their call and join them.

With revolutionary greetings
Willi Langthaler
For the Political Committee of the Anti-imperialist Camp
Vienna, August 30, 2004