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Palestinians within Green Line schedule general strike for Oct 1

20. September 2004

Commemoration of the Intifada´s martyrs

On last Saturday (18/9/04) the national leadership of the 48 Arabs met to discuss its position regarding the anniversary of the Intifada. The leadership, in the from of the supreme monitoring committee, combine representatives of all Arab parties as well as municipalities and NGOs.

At the request of the committee of the relatives of the martyrs it decided to declare a general strike for October 1st.

Commemoration ceremonies are to be held in all town on villages where there are martyrs, and a central demonstration will be held in Sakhnin, in the heart of the Galillee.

Of course, solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Iraqi people and against the US and all other imperialists will be on the political agenda of the demonstrations and the strike, alongside the main issue for us of Palestinian unity against the criminal Israeli occupation.

[based on information provided by Abna elBalad]