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Self-determination to Iraq and Indian Northeast!

24. September 2004

Sept 25 action day in Assam

for the Iraqi Resistance

On 25th September 2004 at Shahid Bhavan, Nagaon, Assam

The North East Coordination Committee on Human Rights (NECOHR), along with the various organisations and individuals across the globe is organising the International Day of Action for the Iraqi Resistance on 25th September 2004.

We all know that at present Iraq is a battlefield. The battle is fought between the Iraqi people and the occupational forces led by the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The heroic resistance of the Iraqi people against the Anglo-American invaders is legitimate according to international law and the UN Charter, including the right to resort to armed means. They are claiming their inalienable right to national self-determination and sovereignty. But at stake is much more, namely the very future of the US attempts to erect their global empire, that is to say the future of humanity.

The battle of the Iraqi people is the battle of all movements, peoples and nations fighting for their liberation from the imperialists. While standing for the right to self determination for the whole people of North East and fighting against the Repression of the Indian State against the people of North East, NECOHR is convinced that it is the duty to stand by the people of Iraq and support the Iraqi Resistance against the Occupational forces.

Therefore, NECOHR is organising the International Day of Action for the Iraqi Resistance on 25th September 2004 at Nagaon, Assam. You are invited to participate in the programme. You are requested to arrive at the Sahid Bhavan, Nagaon at 11a.m. on 25th September 2004.

We support the Iraqi Resistance!
Occupational Forces Out of Iraq!
Down with Imperialism!

Lachit Bordoloi
Secretary General,

Guwahati, 22th September 2004