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Iraq: Struggle against a giant monster

26. September 2004

Sammi Alaa addresses the pro-resistance demo in Perugia, Italy, Sept 25, 2004

Sammi Alaa is member of the “Iraqi Patriotic Alliance ” (IPA) and spokesman of the Danish Free Iraq Committee.

We are here today to remember the beginning of Intifaden, the Palestinian peoples struggle against Zionist colonialization…—the same fight that the Iraqis are engaged in against the imperialist occupation of their country.

About a year and one-half ago, the imperialist forces launched an uncalled for war and occupation of my land. That unlawful war was sold to the world on lies: lies that the government had weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaida. None of that pretended by Bush and Blair, and the prime minister of the country where I now live, Fogh Rasmussen, existed. They openly lied in order to conquer Iraq and steal its oil. These LIARS are WAR CRIMINALS and should be brought before a Nurenberg trial process, just like the Nazi leaders were. Nevertheless, and despite the fact that the United Nations general secretary recently declared the war illegal, these administrations continue both the terror war and its terrorist occupation. They continue lying about it all, pretending that there is a transfer of power for DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM and RECONSTRUCTION.

The so-called transfer of power is yet another lie and political farce. The so-called sovereignty process is nothing but a QUISLING government, just as was the last “Governing Council”. These bodies are made up primarily of exiles and paid agents for both the US and British secret services. The US occupiers still control not only the military but also the politics…—quite the opposite of democracy and sovereignty. The US selects Iraqi “politicians”, who, in turn, point to friends for posts in the puppet government. This farce has the objective of giving the foreign occupation an Iraqi Face.

The so-called reconstruction of Iraq is nothing less than plundering. Foreign businesses, with the cooperation of Iraqi collaborators, rob the nation´s wealth while unemployment rises, now up to 75%, and social misery skyrockets to explosive proportions.

The LIES mount as the occupiers speak of FREEDOM with the upcoming so-called elections. How can there be “free elections” with 180,000 foreign soldiers occupying my country? Again the farce has the objective of “justifying” the occupation. Just as the causes of the war were fabricated so are the ensuing occupation forms just more lies of the fabricators. There is no sovereignty process and the imitation elections are just as illegitimate as the war itself.

These are the factors behind the growing uproar among the population. The current situation reminds us of the Great Iraq Revolution of 1920, when the people revolted against the foreign occupation of Britain, and later won.

That same great battle is on again. The people are rising against the US-led brutal occupation, and the liberation struggle has spread throughout the land. Despite political, religious and ethnic differences, the people are uniting and fighting a common struggle for justice, an heroic fight against the Giant Monster.

The peoples unity causes the occupiers to speak falsely once again. Now they lie about their occupation as an “insurance” against the outbreak of a “civil war.” This lie´s purpose is to deceive some into believing that if the occupiers left Iraq, the nation would break out into civil war with even more suffering to the population. The truth is, the Iraqis have never been so united as today: against occupation.


Our people´s resistance is legal, legitimate and just according to International Law, the United Nations Charter and the Geneva Convention (1987 law against terror wars and occupation). We have learned from history: no occupying power leaves voluntarily. Occupied peoples always resist occupiers…—just as most of the Italian people resisted in the 1940s against fascism, against the German Nazis and Italian Fascists.

The Iraqi people have no need of outside help in the form of weapons, money or manpower. They have all that themselves. The only thing they need from us is clear political and moral support, support from honest, democratic and freedom-loving people throughout the world

We need your support. We also need the Italian hostages Simona Pari and Simona Torretta. I hope they are released immediately. I hope so, just as I hope for the release of our leader, Al-kubaysi, and all other interned resistance fighters. It is the Iraqi people who are hostages, the bulk of the 24 million people. We hold the occupiers responsible for the lives of the two Italian women, and that of the two French journalists. The Iraqi resistance has no interest in holding these people.

Dear Friends and Comrades

Peace in the world can only be achieved by defeating imperialism And the United States of America is without comparison the most blood-thirsty imperialist and warmonger in the world. To contribute to its defeat in Iraq is therefore extremely important for us all.

It is decisive to fortify solidarity with the Iraqi people´s liberation struggle, decisive for the world´s peace, decisive for many other liberation struggles in the world. Our stuggle is inseparable from the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people against the Zionists. It is also important for the struggles for sovereignty of the peoples of Afghanistan, the Phillippines, Colombia, Venezuela, whereever people´s rights to decide their own destiny and the use of their own resources are threatened by imperialism and or zionism.

Victory for the Iraqi people will also be a victory for the Italian people, and for the peoples of the entire world.


Sammi Alaá