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Fadi Madi´s arrest in Germany and his ongoing struggle

29. September 2004

by Fadi Madi

To All My Brothers And Sisters
Freedom Fighters
Anti War Movements
Peace Humanity Justice Movements

i will not say so many words. only i will ask ayse paola catalinotto my best friend george galawi all who was with me in paris and geneva and berlin in bombay and kankoun and tsaloniki in florence and rome and kopenhagen in cairo and beirut and new york and san fransisco and los angelos in washington dc and seyatele and montreale. just remember our struggle in 18 january and 15 february and 15 mars and 27, september 2003 and 20 mars 2004, just remember what i did to release our japanese friends. just remember we was one unit all around the world saying in all cities only one words end the occupation in palestine and iraq and only for this reason they arrest me in berlin airport 12 hrs and they deport me to lebanon even im married with a german wife and my resisdence valid for no limit to stay in germany.

my fault was i refuse the deal and offer from shroder and shilly the deal was i have to say in public occupation in iraq and palestine is legal and normal. zionism and imperialism are not terrorist, and islam and arabs are enemy to humanity. that was exactly what they offer me at berlin airport after they did so many wrong things for me against any law or human rights. they attac the law and the democratic and justice and peace and humanity, because zionism they alarm germens if you allow madi to go ahead with his conference then we will start hard war in all europe.

yes it was clear message from international zionism to shilly and shroder, you have to ban the arab and islamic conference or our war will cover all europe.

they take off from me all my money my clothes my papers my soul my heart. even they ask me in frankfurt to be naked and they know very well im sick with diabetes and therrorid in very cold room, and they hit me on the floor. and they act with me like animals. when i reach the airport at 8 am on suturday 18 of september, they told me at tegel airport in berlin, my resisdence on my passport is valid but on computer screen its denied, then they take me up to the first floor to their rooms. 70 police man or more around me i ask them what i did what the wrong why im here and why they arrested me and why all those security around me, i get only one answer they hit me on my head to the floor, that time it was so clear to me why im in this situation.

but my friends believe me i didn´t sale my self i didn´t broke what i believe I didnt give up for any rights to humanity and justice. i ask them to bring a lawyer to me they refuse, i ask them to call any embasador arabic or muslim they refuse, until shilly he came and ask me to sign a paper that i agree to cancel the conference and to agree that palestinian and iraqi ppl are not normal ppl and to say also that zionism are not terrorism, then the general chief of us security in europe he came also to share shilly deal and investigation with 2 guys from mossad agent, all the picture was clear to me that time.

nobody will help me and nobody is allow to talk with me and nobody has any right to claim all what they did to me in berlin airport. 12 hrs from 8 am to 8 pm on suturday 18 of september 2004 the dark day in europe law and humanity. they didnt find any single paper or item or any things belong to terrorist in my baggage and my home and my office. till the lady from landeseinwohneramt berlin came in the room were im arrested and she say to me madi you defence the resistance of iraqi and palestine, you are against what you called terrorism of zionism and imperialism, you are against what you called terrorism of us and zionism, and you want to end the occupation in iraq and palestine is that right? i say yes then she say to me ok for all those reasons you are not allow to stay in gemany and i will cancel your resisdence now even you are married with german wife and you have open residence here, i ask her to bring any lawyer she say you no rights here noting at all. you are animal. then she take my qoran from my hand and she put it under her feet. yes this is the democratic and justice of germany.

what i say here is documented and all papers are with my lawyer now. will after all you stay silence or you have to do something to protect the last wall of human rights in this world. yes or no. i believe god will never leave me alone. i will continue my struggle with my ppl in palestine and iraq.