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Danish war criminals in the UN Security Council

16. October 2004

Danish Committee for a Free Iraq

By Carsten Kofoed, Spokesman of the Danish Committee for a Free Iraq, October 16, 2004

Denmark has become a member of the UN Security Council (announced October 15, translator´s note). It is a scandal because the Danish government as late as March 2003, with ill-concealed arrogance, violated the UN Charter, joined the illegal US war on Iraq, and is now continuing as an active participant in the just as illegal occupation.

The Danish government are, as an active part in the unprovoked war of aggression against Iraq, war criminals according to the principles of the Nuremberg Trial and should be prosecuted. Instead this government now takes a seat in the most powerful agency of the UN. Unfortunately, this says all about what the UN really is: a place, where international war criminals like Bush, Blair and now also Fogh Rasmussen can sit and accord recognition to their own crimes against innocent countries and peoples in the world.

That Denmark has at all been considered for the UN Security Council is the work of the US. It is a fact that Denmark today not only has a government, which is 100 percent in the pocket of the US, but also possesses an “opposition” whose criticism of the extremely aggressive US foreign policy is simply not visible. Both the Danish government and “opposition” – the whole official political establishment in Denmark – swear by the “War on Terror”, which is nothing but a pseudonym for the US war for absolute hegemony over everything and everybody in the world.

It all becomes completely absurd when the Danish government now wants the presidency of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) and says that international law is not up-to-date because of the “threat from terror”. At the same time, the US-led occupation force, including Denmark, is massively bombing whole Iraqi cities from the air. Every single day “precision bombs”, with the Danish government´s signature, bury innocent Iraqi men, women and children under rubbles. And now these Danish war criminals and terrorists want to be at the head of the CTC! It is hard to think of something more sickening.

But what is the main task of the CTC? It is, in the “name of fighting terror” to make the Western world´s illegal wars of aggression, as the war on Iraq, part of international law. It is these “juridical” war preparations that the Danish government will lead.

The Danish government has nothing to do neither in the UN Security Council nor in any counter-terrorism committee. On the contrary, it should be in the dock together with Bush, Blair, Berlusconi and others, sitting in front of an international war crimes tribunal and accounting for all the crimes that it, as part of the “coalition”, has committed and is still committing in its illegal war on Iraq and the Iraqi people.

If the UN General Secretary Kofi Annan had been serious when he stated that the war on Iraq was illegal, he would have stood up for that the aggressors be punished for their crimes. Instead the Danish war criminals will join the UN Security Council in January 2005, and there they will take part in ensuring that all the countries of the world respect the UN Charter, which they themselves are violating. The criminals have become judges.

Komiteen for et Frit Irak, The Committee for a Free Iraq, Denmark
Talsmand/Spokesman: Carsten Kofoed, (+45) 61 27 41 77