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Free Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi!

8. November 2004

Nov 20-27, week of protest in front of US embassies

Several weeks have pasted since the kidnapping of Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi on Sept 3 by US occupation forces in Baghdad. Abduljabbar, leader of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, has dedicated himself to the construction of a political front of all the Resistance forces.

Despite the intensive attempts of his wife and his family no information whatsoever has been released so far by the US occupation authorities. A case has been filed at the Red Cross in Geneva by Abduljabbar´s wife, but not even the Red Cross did get any response from the occupation forces.

Rumours say that Abduljabbar is being detained at the notorious US prison facility at the Baghdad airport. However, this could not be confirmed so far.

All this forms part of the US offensive against the popular resistance with daily bomb terror against its strongholds like Falluja or Samarra. The US is turning to a counterinsurgency war according to the model of the dirty war against the Central American liberation movements during the 80s. It is not by accident that John Negroponte became the new “US ambassador” to Iraq. He has the notorious record of having pulled the strings of the death squadrons. Tens of thousands were killed, tortured and disappeared under his supervision. Now these skills in paramilitary terror against a resisting people are again urgently required by the Pentagon. With the disappearance of Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi an example should be made preventing the political articulation of the resistance.

Therefore we call upon all democratic and anti-imperialist forces to protest in front of US embassies demanding:

Disclose the thereabouts of Abduljabbar according to the Geneva Convention!
Release Abduljabbar!
Free all war and political prisoners!
Withdraw the occupation troops!

The network of Free Iraq Committees in Support of the Iraqi Resistance:

Committee Free Iraq Italy
Committee Free Iraq Germany
Committee Free Iraq Hungary
Committee Free Iraq Austria
Committee Free Iraq Norway
Committee for a Free Iraq, Denmark
Democratic Patriotic Communist Current of Iraq Iraqi Patriotic Alliance


Free Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi
Campaign of protest actions

Protest rally in Duesseldorf, US consulate, Nov 20

tour of Sammi Alaa, representative of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance IPA

Brescia, Nov 23
Milan, Nov 24
Turin, Nov 25
Fabriano, Nov 26
Florence, Nov 27
Foligno, Nov 28
Cesena, Nov 29
Poggibonsi, Nov 30
Pietrasanta, Dec 1
Piombino, Dec 2
Sassari, Dec 3
Catania, Dec 4

Protest demonstration in Budapest, passing by the parliament and closing at the US embassy, Nov 20

Protest demonstration in Vienna, to US embassy, Nov 26

Picket in Oslo, US embassy, in the evening public meeting with Omar Dahir, Iraqi intellectual from the Danish Committee for a Free Iraq

To be announced